If you’re a karaoke connoisseur or you simply like to get up and rock your favourite song on a night out with friends, London won’t disappoint. There are a number of great karaoke bars in London to enjoy, most open every night of the week. Of course, with so many on offer it can be difficult to choose the best one – to ensure you’re guaranteed of a great night out, we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most popular and most iconic.

For your singing and listening pleasure, here are the top karaoke bars in Shoreditch!


Lucky Voice

There are several different Lucky Voice bars dotted around London and they’re all equally popular, regardless of location. Lucky Voice offers a solution for those that are too shy or nervous to sing in front of a big group of people by offering small, private pods where you can belt out your favourite track to your nearest and dearest in total privacy. Each pod can hold up to 12 people and guests are free to sing along to their favourite tracks with only their friends in the room. There are thousands of songs to choose from and food is served, along with a fully stocked bar. Lucky Voice locations include Soho and Islington. The Soho one is only a short journey from the bright lights of the nightlife in Shoreditch, making it a popular place to start or end the night.

Karaoke Box

Like Lucky Voice, Karaoke Box offers private karaoke rooms for small and large groups. This makes it a popular spot for private hire, parties, hen dos and birthdays. With a few different locations available, Karaoke Box has become a go-to for many in the city and the Smithfield bar is nearby to most of Shoreditch’s restaurants and bars.

Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga is a little different from the usual karaoke bar you’d find in London, and it actually offers a great deal more than a sing-a-long experience. Bunga Bunga is a quirky pizzeria and themed bar that hosts live performances, including karaoke nights. Karaoke nights here are popular and there’s always an enjoyable, lively atmosphere.

All Star Lanes

If it’s an evening of fun and games you’re after, head to All Star Lanes. All Star Lanes offers bowling, burgers, cocktails and karaoke – it’s an ideal place to spend an entire evening and boredom is off the cards. There are All Star Lanes in various locations around London, with one of the most popular being the Brick Lane bar as it is nearby to nightlife in Shoreditch.

Karaoke in London is a fun way to spend an evening and it’s something a little bit different to the standard ‘dinner and drinks’ plan that many of us revert back to time and time again. Whether you’re looking for a private karaoke booth with friends or somewhere to socialise with others, there’s lots of places to choose from.