Hop on a Tube at Liverpool Street Station – Get off at these 5 Destinations


One of the major benefits of visiting London is the ease with which you can get around the city.

The Tube network of London is a vast and all-encompassing feat of engineering, and it makes it easy to reach whatever destination you have in mind. Staying at the M by Montcalm, you’re right next to Liverpool Street Station, and that means a raft of sights and attractions are yours to sample.


Marble Arch

With Marble Arch Tube Station just a short walk from the monument itself, it’s worth making the quick journey from Liverpool Street Station to see this important piece of London – and British- History. As it’s so easy to reach from hotels near Moorgate Station, this is one sight you don’t have any reason to miss.

The original plan for the arch was to have it right on the approach to Buckingham Palace, serving as a grand entrance way for royalty and particular military figures. This didn’t pan out, however, and so those in charge decided to install it where it sits today.


British Museum

By taking a straight shot from Liverpool Street Station to Holborn Tube Station, you can visit one of the very best museums anywhere in the world.

Housing millions of artefacts, artworks, curios, sculptures and more, the British Museum is a vast place, and somewhere you could easily spend a whole day or more. And make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the famous Rosetta Stone, which has played an enormous role in allowing modern scholars to understand ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. And if you’re a mite peckish after all that culture and history, you can hop back on the Tube at Holborn and enjoy some dinner at Plate Restaurant.


Charles Dickens Museum

Stay in Holborn, and you can also find this brilliant, cloistered museum dedicated to the life and works of Charles Dickens.

The museum was once the home of Dickens and its where he wrote many of his famous works, including Nicholas Nickleby and The Pickwick Papers. The museum has done a fantastic job of preserving the interior, and it’s easy to imagine Dickens sitting in the candlelight, furiously writing his latest tome. It’s a short distance to travel from M by Montcalm to the museum and well worth it for the insight into a British literary titan.


 St Paul’s Cathedral

Jump off at St Paul’s Underground Station and you only a few minutes’ walk to reach the impressive building itself.

The site of religious services for centuries, the modern-day St Paul’s has Sir Christopher Wren to thank for its looks, which embody the dramatic, baroque style of the day. Surviving bombing raids in World Wars One and Two, St Paul’s is one of the most iconic and beloved of all London landmarks.


Tower Bridge

If you get off the Tube at Tower Hill, you only have a five-minute walk to visit the beautiful and stunning Tower Bridge.

Alongside Westminster and St Paul’s, Tower Bridge is probably one of the most recognisable of all London landmarks. And, while you’re in the area, you could also check out the Tower of London, which is very close and more than worth visiting.