Hotel amenities that business travellers love


For most of us, going to a hotel means expecting a good-sized room, in-room Wi-Fi and things like free tea and coffee. A particularly nice perk can be if the room comes with free refreshments like juice and bottles of water, but the modern business traveller is more interested in other types of amenities.

Although some people still think that free Wi-Fi in hotels is an amenity, for the business traveller, a connection to the internet is a necessity. It’s a part of everyday life that is no longer a luxury.

One thing to remember in particular about the modern business traveller is that they love their gadgets and won’t travel without them. Similarly, they’re likely to be interested in the addition of new or extra gadgets, and will be extremely grateful to any hotel that has a charging station, which will be particularly useful if they’ve forgotten their own in the first instance.

Some amenities that hotels offer and business travellers love might surprise you, it’s not all about gadgets…

Lifts to and from the airport

Travel can be difficult around any city and this is most certainly true when you’re travelling around a city that is unfamiliar to you.

Often people who travel for business aren’t going to be spending a lot of time getting to know the place in which they’re staying for the next day or so. Their priority is to get from the airport to the place where their conference or meeting is and then back to their hotel for some food and a celebratory drink.

Airport Taxi

As such, when a hotel offers an airport pickup and drop-off service, this is something that a business traveller will love. Obviously this is going to be attractive for just about any kind of traveller, but someone who is travelling for business will be especially appreciative because it means they won’t have to lose valuable time finding a taxi or negotiating their GPS to locate their hotel.

It’s also very easy to get lost in unfamiliar places, so a service that essentially offers you a lift can be a much more attractive option than hiring a car.

Business centres

Although this sounds like a business park or something similar, a business centre is actually an area of a hotel that has services to replicate the workings of an ordinary office.

It’s something that every hotel really should have and if you’re a business traveller you’ll appreciate the fact that each hotel in the Montcalm collection can meet your out-of-office requirements.

Some of the things that a business traveller will need will include machines for scanning documents and printing documents. Although they aren’t really used anymore, some people may still need the use of a fax machine, so it’s good to have one handy, just in case your scanner isn’t working.

What is even better for these kinds of traveller is if the business centre in question is open all day, every day. Unfortunately those who travel for work don’t always know when they’re going to receive important documents that they need to print off and sign. This is true of just about any business that works with clients from other parts of the world. Say, for example, a UK-based company is working with a client from America, the person travelling for business is going to have to be able to access office equipment at all times and this is something that is a serious consideration for people when they’re travelling for business.

If the hotel has IT or support staff this is even better, we all know how often technology likes to break at the worst times, so if there’s a trained person around to give a hand when the inevitable tech glitches start, it would be most welcome.

Tablet rental

Although most people travelling for business will have their smartphones and tablets on hand, they will still appreciate the ability to rent these things from a hotel.

Millennial business travellers will be more likely to expect the these things are part of the furniture of a hotel. Similarly to the beds and and flat screen TV, the millennial traveller will think nothing of asking you if you have spare iPads or laptops that they can use. For this reason it’s best to have a least a couple spare, or for rent so that people can take them to their rooms and work out of there.

Tablet Rental

At the very least, a laptop in the hotel reception or lounge is an amenity that a business traveller will be pleased to see, particularly if their laptop battery has gone flat and they’ve misplaced their charger. Extra chargers are something to keep in mind for rental too, including phone and laptop chargers.

Business travellers may also be keen to rent a car during their stay, either with a driver, or one that they can drive for themselves. If the hotel doesn’t have the facilities to offer this service, then you should have information or a number of someone else that they can call instead.