Hotel spa treatments can help beat after-meeting tiredness


It can be a familiar feeling for many of us, that tiredness that we feel after we’ve been in a meeting for a long time.

This is particularly true if we’ve travelled to meet a particular client, or go to a conference, but why is this? It’s largely a product of being mentally over-stimulated because we’re trying to articulately convey information, while committing new things to memory.

Similarly, it can be more tiring when we’re somewhere that it out of our routine, because our brains are more active, remembering where we are and looking to find directions back to trains and hotels, among other things.

Couple this with the fact that travelling is tiring by itself, and you can feel very drained after spending a full day in meetings in a place that’s different from your normal routine.

So how can you feel better? One thing that you might do, particularly if you’re going to be in London for meetings and spend the night in a hotel is make sure you book into one that has a great spa.

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a massage and/or a facial at the end of the stressful day and it will certainly help you sleep extremely well too.

You might be surprised to know that there are some excellent Spa Hotels in Shoreditch that have wonderfully relaxing treatments that you’re sure to enjoy.

One of these such places is the M by Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City, it’s certainly somewhere that a spa is perfect, considering it’s right in the middle of hundreds of businesses including bars, restaurants and of course, tech start-ups.

About M by Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City

This hotel is a modern beacon in the middle of Shoreditch’s Tech City, housing restaurants that are complemented by floor to ceiling windows, it’s one of the capital’s most original five-star hotels.

Its interior it just as eye-catching as the exterior, with luxurious furnishings and decorations, and the restaurant that we mentioned happens to have a michelin-starred head chef.

Business runs through the very lifeblood of M by Montcalm, as it’s right by Old Street Station and Moorgate, Liverpool Street and The City just nearby too. The Eurostar’s St Pancras station is also close by, so there’s lots of European business travellers that filter in and out of the hotel on a daily basis.

As we at M by Montcalm know how important it is to be rested to get through your business day and meetings, our beautifully-designed rooms are refuges of comfort that are sleek, stylish and have intelligent technology.

As we have a lot of emphasis on relaxation and comfort, we also take a lot of pride in our in-hotel spa and the treatment that it offers. We offer you the benefit of booking a massage to help you unwind after a busy day in the capital.

The M Spa

We’re pleased to call our M Spa at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City the ultimate urban sanctuary. No detail has been left untouched as even the decor is luxurious, featuring gold leaf tiles and marble panelling.

Before you unwind you can use our specious gym and aerobics room that have state-of-the-art equipment along with a large-screen satellite TV. There’s also Wi-Fi if you prefer to work out to your own music or listen to a podcast – the choice is yours.

People relax in many different ways, which is why we have so much to offer you at our spa, some of the most basic things there include the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and experience showers.

For those who don’t know, an experience shower is one that releases cold fog along with the hot water, it also disperses scents like fresh mint, in order to awaken your senses so you leave feeling fully refreshed. These aren’t just for freshening up after you’ve been in the Tube and hot sun all day, they really are an experience, and they’ll make you look differently at your daily routine from now on.

There are three treatment rooms that are exclusively crafted using the world’s most luxurious products that will leave you feeling nothing but pampered. And, our highly trained experts will work their magic, helping you to destress and get irritating knots out of your muscles.

As for the massage products, we source them from ila-spa’s Organic Natural range and customer-approved products from Natura Bisse.

Facial, massage, body, nails, grooming

We make sure that you feel like you’re pampered from head to foot, by offering you everything from facials, to pedicures in our amazing M Spa.

Here’s some of the information you need to hear about just a few of the things that you can enjoy when you visit us.

Our aptly named blissful facial helps to restore your skin’s natural luminance by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the free-flow of energy to facial cells. Our experts have specialised techniques that combine with essential oils to take inflammation out of your face, address hormonal imbalance and open up the energy centres of your face. When you leave, your skin will be glowing. Prices of facials range from £90 for 50 minutes to £145 for 80 minutes, but whichever one you choose, your eyes and skin will have forgotten all about the stresses of work.

For some, the stress runs into their shoulders and back, which is why we recommend any of our full body massages. A tailored massage can be great for those who have specific areas that they want worked on, while a deep-tissue massage is perfect for people who work hard and play a lot of sport. Hot stone massages are the one for melting away tension however as they stones ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation and metabolism, prices for our massages start at £95 and go up to £145.

If you prefer not to have a massage, you can pamper yourself in a different way by putting yourself in the hands of our manicurists. Even if you’re too busy for a full Lux manicure, you can get a simple file and polish, which takes just 25 minutes, perfect for those who are on the go.

A peel off manicure takes longer at 50 minutes and it guarantees durable and perfectly polished nails for 14 days. Not only this, but it can also give extra strength to the nail itself, and it is easily removed by soaking or peeling with no damage to the natural nail.

Why not get your feet done too? The same peel off varnish treatment can be done in a pedicure so you can have matching toes and fingers. Prices for manicures start from £30 and go up to £45, depending on which treatment you choose.

Not content with offering you the best in massages, gym, manicures and everything else, M Spa also brings you luxury grooming treatments too.

These include brow shaping and tinting, and all kinds of strip and hot waxing – anything that you are interested in we should be able to do for you.

After you’ve spent the day working out, swimming, being massaged and treating yourself to little grooming touches, we know for a fact that you’re going to be feeling completely renewed and will have left the tiredness of your busy business day far behind you.