Hotspots near Shoreditch for street performers


London wouldn’t be the city that it is today without its eclectic mix of street performers.

Quirky, original, sometimes funny and always noticeable, they add vibrancy and colour to the fast-paced city life that you quickly get immersed in when you visit London.

Whether you love them or loathe them, you are bound to bump into some while you are exploring the city during a stay at the M Montcalm Tech City.

If you’ve got the little ones with you, it’s the perfect excuse to take them round for the day. Kids tend to be drawn to anything that is extrovert and eye-catching, and our list of hotspots for street performers near Shoreditch are bound to be filled with things that will grab their attention!

Covent Garden, The Piazza

No trip to London would be complete without a visit to the always exciting Covent Garden, which is also one of the best places that you can head to when you are keen to spot some street performers. If you’re a big music fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are two popular music pitches situated directly opposite this building that are both frequented by talented musicians, either performing covers or their own original material. If your tastes are slightly more traditional and highbrow, head to the inner Covent Garden areas, where you’ll find a number of opera and classical performers.


Situated in the heart of London’s cultural district, Southbank is right beside the River Thames, so is the perfect place for a stroll when you want to take in all of the iconic sites while also being entertained by street performers. Perhaps you are heading to Big Ben, or maybe you just fancied a stroll along the river. Either way, this vibrant part of the city is always full of people and performers, perfect for soaking up that electric London atmosphere while staying at the M Montcalm Tech City.

The London Underground

While a day spent pampering yourself at our spa hotel Shoreditch is a great way to unwind, nothing quite beats the buzzing atmosphere of the London Underground. Not only is it an exceptional transportation service that will allow you to explore every corner of the city, it’s also a great place for spotting buskers thanks to the Busking in London scheme, which has been in operation for over 10 years. Be sure to stop off between journeys and take in the talent.

The North Terrace of Trafalgar Square

You could easily spend the whole day wandering around Trafalgar Square, which has been a significant landmark in London since the 13th century. Perhaps you are just rounding up a visit to the National Gallery, or maybe you just fancied an early evening stroll during your stay at the M Montcalm Tech City. Either way, this area is home to some of the best street performers in London so slow down and take in the atmosphere.