How things like Toasted Life can affect millennial nightlife


Toasted Life is “a mentality, a network and a lifestyle” according to the statement on the company website. Basically, this business was formed to reach out to the millennials who work in the Bay area of San Francisco and to cater to the various creative professions that make up their jobs.

The company organises event productions and consulting services through a need to bring people together and stabilise the Bay area’s event scene.

According to Toasted Life, they throw what they call day parties to introduce what the company could do for the people in the creative community. Now, the company runs almost seamless events, bringing groups of people together to create a support system that breeds entrepreneurship, mentoring between peers and collaboration.

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It doesn’t aim to separate personal life and work life but to bridge the gap between the two to help create happier people, in better jobs that make for better products and services. This is why they call the company Toasted Life, because they find many things to toast glasses with together and even run a company hashtag to spread the #Toasted message.

With a firm foot on both the creative industries that intrigue millennials and on the partying element that is a large part of this group’s lifestyle, it’s fair to say that Toasted Life’s ethos and way of working is appealing not only to an audience in San Francisco, but also to London-based millennials.

Toasted Life isn’t actually a service that’s based in London, but most businesses that began in the Bay area and Silicon Valley of San Francisco, now have very established offices in the big smoke. As such, it’s potentially only a matter of time until they make their mark on the capital and carve out a charming English version of their business model and marketing to win over the city’s millennials.

Why Toasted Life is interesting to millennials in London

Most millennials who live and work in London are in careers and industries that are either creative, or are based in the technology industry.

Take for example all of the business startups that are based in east London’s Shoreditch area: so many of those companies are run by millennials who are technologically proficient and have a firm grasp of the[ world that is becoming more and more digital by the day.

Even tourist’s to the area will notice that there are lots of new little theatres and art galleries in the area of Shoreditch and Hoxton, indicating that again millennials are interested in working creatively. Not only in the sense that they’re searching for a creative job, but they’re keen to make their own space in which to showcase it and bring in other people to look at what they’ve done.

This sense of creating something that is to be shared or brought together with other, like-minded people is very much in-line with the idea that helped to form Toasted Life. This is accurate because the California-based company has said that it’s keen to bring together creatives in a fun space that allows them to network, but also to have fun.

Shoreditch is in a fun location

If we think about where Shoreditch and its hoards of creative and digital businesses are, it’s in a really interesting part of London. More than this, it’s in a sociable part of London because it’s surrounded by bars, restaurants, cafes, theatres, gig venues and more besides that actively encourage people to spend time together.

For this reason, it’s the perfect spot for creative millennial Londoners to get together and have a networking day party session, just as Toasted Life does.

What this affords the people who attend these events, is not a traditional form of networking – which is fast becoming outdated – but instead it allows people to meet in a much more comfortable and real way. As a result, people (millennials) are more comfortable talking to others about their business and what they’re hoping to get from the networking session, to hopefully get more and also better collaborations as a result.

When it becomes more than work

As we said before, it seems to be that Toasted Life is trying to dispel the myth that work and personal life have to be separate.

What this means is that it’s beneficial to put personality into your work and business, to create a career and an end product that shows passion and should make for much happier employees in the workplace!

In years gone by, it’s been called a negative thing to be married to your work, but with the millennial movement, work and working life is now seen very differently. People, in this age group in particular, are much more interested in working in a job or industry that challenges them because they love it, not because they find it challenging to be there every day.

Millennials seem to be much more driven towards a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment in their job, rather than purely driven by money.

Of course, if the millennial can find both then this is all the better – and in London it’s likely that any of these outcomes could be possible.

What this does for nightlife

As a sociable format for networking and getting creative and digital millennials together, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this is having a positive knock-on effect towards nightlife.

So far, this is definitely the case for Toasted Life in San Francisco, as the company have not only been organising day parties, but they’re also now throwing big nighttime events that are mostly for sociable benefit.

For example, the company gave a massive Hallowe’en party in a lounge in California and had it ticketed so that anyone could come along. In this way, the company is not only building its services, but it’s also inviting an extra demographic of millennials through its doors and supporting local businesses as they need them for their venues.


Again, in the Shoreditch area, it’s likely that these type of creative hangouts, or events are having a positive effect on the nightlife of the area.

They’re also going to have some effect on the type of people that go to different bars and clubs throughout Shoreditch.

Consider a social media executive, a coder, a marketing executive and a person from outreach: they’ll all be interested in going to a cool networking event, that’s based around the idea that they’re going to meet people who will be helpful for their business. Add to this a really relaxed atmosphere, that is in a bar, instead of a function room and is helped along with things like craft beer and locally-sourced food. Once people have started chatting and making their connections in a friendly space, it stands to reason that they might stay for an extra drink or two, particularly if it’s a Friday.

In this way, we can see that companies like Toasted Life are potentially not only helping to hone the latest breed of digital and creative millennials, but a by-product is that they also seem to be boosting the nightlife industry, thanks to their parties and get-togethers.