How to find a venue for meetings and events in London

Business Events

London is a city that is big for business. There are hundreds of companies spanning a huge mix of industries including finance, fashion, retail, economics and technology and digital.

As a result, you’ll notice that there are droves of people in suits and tapping on their phones rushing around on their way to meetings. Of course, in the modern digital age, people don’t necessarily need to be in suits to have high-powered careers, lots of industries, such as tech, that pride themselves on the fact they sign deals and make partnerships in their casual wear.

However, one thing that remains a constant is the need to have a decent venue for meetings and events. No matter how casual or smart your choice of dress, you still want to look professional and have a meeting space that is private, quiet and sets the right tone.

There are lots of factors that can affect where or when you decide to have your meeting, for example, if the people outside your business are from out of town, you’ll want to pick somewhere that is easy for them to find. Similarly, if you’re having a number of meetings or a conference, you’re also going to want to think about catering for tea/coffee and lunch breaks.

Business Events

Often, it doesn’t hurt to seal a deal with dinner or a drink at a bar at the end of meetings too, so this is something else to consider.

We’re going to outline some surefire ways to find the perfect location in London, for any kind of meeting to help you impress every type of client.

Identify dates

The first thing you want to do – and it sounds really basic – is to make sure the dates you and your clients/attendees are free suit your venue of choice.

There are few things worse than getting a large group of people to finally agree on the same date, only to realise the place or places you’ve been looking at don’t have room for you that day.

Planning should take precedence here, so make sure that you get in touch with the venue you’re looking at in plenty of time. Sometimes, it’s even advisable to get something pencilled in with the hotel or conference hall first before you suggest a date to the people coming to meet you.

Scope out different locations

Now for the most important bit – where is your meeting going to be? As we mentioned above, you’re going to want somewhere that’s easy to find. Even if people are used to London life, it’s still a large city so a venue that isn’t difficult to locate is going to work in your favour.

Where you choose largely depends on what your meeting entails, but in general, you’re going to want somewhere that affords you privacy in a comfortable but professional setting.

M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel is just three minutes from Old Street Tube station, meaning transport is never far away. It’s also in the middle of the bohemian Shoreditch area of the city, iis very cool but is paralleled with the modern digital and tech industry scene.

Meeting Room

The hotel is also just ten minutes (via the Northern Line from Old Street) to Liverpool Street station, so national rail services are within your reach too.

Our meeting rooms are incubators and are intended to inspire and stimulate you and your guests.

Taking inspiration ourselves from the setting of Shoreditch, our meeting rooms have intelligent design, flexible spaces, comfort and state-of-the-art facilities for presentations with screens and audio equipment.

Find the right event space

As every meeting or conference is different, we know that you’re going to want something that suits your particular needs. This is the inherent benefit of the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel having flexible spaces as they can be expanded or reduced to suit your attendee numbers.

You can book a meeting or conference from anything for eight people up to a maximum capacity of 250, so you have a lot of room for manoeuvre with us.

Our various spaces connect and disconnect so you have the freedom to roam when you’re booking an area for an event. All of them are closely located to the kitchen too, so if you order food, you know it’ll be hot and delivered on time.

Build a menu

Speaking of food, we have day-time delegate packages to cater for you if you’re going to be having a larger event or conference.

You will benefit from the support of an experienced events team, who can help you to plan and organise your day and our onsite executive chef Paul Welburn is a serious foodie who will help to construct a menu for your guests.

We offer arrival tea and coffee, mid-morning and afternoon breaks with homemade snacks and healthy alternatives. You can also enjoy a buffet lunch served with refreshments, while mineral water will be refilled for you throughout the day.

If you’re going to be having drinks afterwards, you can also consult with Jeremy Pascal, our award-winning head of bars. Drinks at our onsite cocktail bar make for a relaxing and fun post-meeting gathering with your clients to help you all chill out after a long day of work.

Consider service and image

Making a good first impression is everything, particularly when it comes to the world of business. We know how important this is, which is why we pride ourselves on being a modern venue that mixes people, style, technology and comfort all in the one place.

In terms of image, the M in M by Montcalm stands for millennial, although we like to say that age is irrelevant and is a mindset of working hard on forward-thinking projects and always being on the move.

The Shoreditch London Tech City hotel is a place that is completely unique, surrounded by start-ups and creative clusters, is located in a hive of energy. For this reason, it’s the perfect place for you to meet out-of-towners for a meeting to bring together a meeting of minds.

Calculate your budget

Before you make any final decisions on the size of conference or meeting you want to have, how much space you want and the types of food and drinks you choose for catering, we advise that you first calculate your budget.

This is what makes our hotel such a good choice for corporate meetings, due to the changing room sizes and the various food and drink packages, you can basically create your own bespoke event.

Incorporate what management prefers

Don’t forget that management are usually the decision-makers in the business, for this reason, you need to incorporate things that they want or would like to see.

It’s all about the little touches with management and it’s these things we can help you to offer your clients. That’s why we pay extra attention to the finer details like high-quality pens and paper for you to use during your meeting and branded tins of mints for people to take away with them when the function is over.