Some impractical travel advice


London can be as tiresome as exciting as it is to live in! That said, city life is always a stressful experience and the hectic personal and professional commitments we have does take a heavy toll. Stress is a major factor that we need to deal with on a daily basis, and the best way to get rid of it is by taking a holiday or break from everything.

One of the best ways to enjoy a brief respite is by taking a London city break. It makes for a short but relaxing change and for a change of atmosphere you could book into any of the city hotels like the Mbymontcalm hotel which offers fine facilities, amenities and services at a very reasonable cost. A London city break is a perfect way to de-stress and it recharges your batteries after a particularly tiresome week.

Of course you could decide where and how you spend this break as per your choice and convenience. Whatever you decide to do there are a few things you must definitely not do on a holiday or city break when travelling out of the country which are:

Carry traveller’s cheques:There are still a few who resort to using this mode of carrying cash. There is a reason why traveler’s cheques fell out of favour with travellers and tourists the world over. If you are in a foreign country it can be a challenge to find a place to encash them as well as it takes valuable travel time and a fair bit of money. Instead use a good credit card that offers insurance against theft and make it a point to inform the credit card company when will travel. Contrary to all that of what we hear about identity theft and accounts being hacked these are reasonably well protected and are accepted in almost all places.

Make assumptions: One of the worst ways to ruin a perfectly fine holiday or city break is by making predisposed assumptions, on the basis of what we have heard somebody say about the people or place or even the food.  We cannot stereotype everyone in any part of the world just on the basis of certain experiences that family members or friends might have shared with us. There is good and bad everywhere and you are likely to run into a fairly number of good people on the trip as well. Always approach a new city or place with an open mind and dispel any unpleasant thoughts that might arise on the basis of assumptions. The same applies to the food and culture and you need to get to know the people better before making any judgement.

Must see because you are told: Taking a few tips from people who have visited the places you plan to go to can be helpful. However, do not only depend or follow the itinerary of where they have been. Check online and do a bit of research as to the places you would be interested in actually seeing. It is always a good idea to plan your tour plan as per the places you would like to visit and explore and since you are spending money why should we not get the most out of it. Everyone has their own opinion and likes and dislikes and it is not essential because they liked what they saw or found interesting it will necessarily be to your liking. Instead plan your own travel itinerary based upon your own choice of places you would like to visit.

Plan everything in advance: Yes planning in advance is always a sound idea. It will help you to find cheaper and better rates and facilities for hotels and tour trips. After all some of the best rates are offered for those who book well in advance! However, the flip side is that when you plan everything in advance it leaves no measure for spontaneity and you could end up missing out on a lot of things which you had not expected or taken into account.

Not plan at all: There are a few who will advise you to take an unplanned holiday without any prior planning at all. Some people even swear by the excitement and thrills in doing things spontaneously. This may be alright to an extent if you plan to travel alone. However, if you are travelling with your family or spouse it could create a few issues especially in terms of finding suitable flights and accommodation. You would not want to arrive at your location and find that you have to settle for a cold dinghy hotel room because all others are taken!

Advice is really cheap but all that we hear is not necessarily right. If you want to truly have a memorable holiday or trip, it is always a good idea to follow your own instinct, while adopting only that advice which seems practical and suitable for you.