Live Music You Need to See in Shoreditch this Month

Live music

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Shoreditch is home to a number of unique venues that cater to a wide range of musical styles. After all, Shoreditch is the place where many emerging artists – in different disciplines –live in a creative, laid-back atmosphere.

And that means there’s always a plethora of great music to sample, whether your tastes err towards club music or classical. Whatever you want – Shoreditch has got it. And, best of all, Shoreditch venues and those in surrounding areas are easy to reach from M by Montcalm.

And so, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the live music you won’t want to miss this month.

Percolate with Henry Wu

Taking place at Hangar in London – just a ten-minute journey from M by Montcalm, Percolate provides jazz-infused, groove-heavy DJ sets with a smooth, funky delivery.

Hangar is a great venue because it makes the most of its stripped-back surroundings and fills the space with some of the most innovative music out there. It’s the place to go if you want to see an eclectic mix of musical styles and artists who are on the rise. And the Percolate show promises to be a prime example of this approach, as they bring their jazz-inflected house, soul, funk and more. Even better, Percolate are joined by rising star Henry Wu for this September 21st show, which will make for a stomping, brilliant night of music.

Bascule Chamber Concerts

Taking place from the 20th to the 24th of September, the Bascule Chamber Concerts offer a mixture of music and spoken word performance, terming it ‘Immersive Sound Walk.’

But it might very well be the venue that steals the show here, housed as it is in the belly of the famous London Bridge. The idea behind this four-day series of concerts is to exploit the magnificent acoustics of the subterranean Victorian space and fill it with ethereal, beautiful music.

Once entirely neglected and forgotten, the Bascule Chamber Concerts breathe new life into this hidden space. And, if you’re hungry after so much culture, you’re only a 15-minute journey away from M by Montcalm Restaurant.

Vini Vici

After an almost unprecedented rise in popularity, Vini Vici are bringing their mixing and DJing skills to the world-renowned Ministry of Sound on the 21st of September.

If you like the idea of a night of trance beats and the ultimate club music experience, this gig could be the one for you. They’re a brilliant live group, and you might want to make sure you visit the M by Montcalm spa beforehand, as the night is slated to go on until 6 am.

Vini Vici hail from Israel and, as such, they bring a fresh sensibility to the trance genre that’s somewhere between the European house-influenced style and American hardcore dance, with some subtle eastern melodies permeating their work.

Make sure you’ve got your best dancing shoes on because Ministry of Sound gigs always go late.