Liverpool a perfect holiday destination


If you are planning a holiday, how about a visit to Liverpool which is home to two of the most popular premier league football teams Liverpool FC and Everton FC ?
After London it is a very popular tourist destination, especially with football aficionados who enjoy the game and are ardent supporters of its two renowned football teams. The city itself lies in the metropolitan region in Merseyside and is known for its diverse population which is mix different cultures and religions. It is primarily a port city and during the 19th Century, more than 40% of the world’s trade passed through its docks, which helped the city gain recognition as a major city of the UK.

The city offers a variety of hotels and other types of accommodation for travellers. In fact finding a hotel near Liverpool Street Station is not a problem – like the Mbymontcalm hotel – that offers quality accommodation at a reasonable price, with excellent facilities and services. You can book online to get the latest offers which will help you to get their best rates for online bookings. Staying at a hotel near Liverpool Street Station will also offer excellent connectivity to other parts of this beautiful city. The city itself has one of the largest economies in the UK with most of its income based on public and private service sector industries.

The leisure and tourism industries have also contributed substantially to the growth of Liverpool which has made it out of the most popular destinations in the UK among international tourists. It serves as a metropolitan borough of Merseyside and it was founded in 1207. It began to increase in prominence in the latter part of the 18th century and since then has occupied a place among the most famous cities of the world.

There are two national rail networks that serve the city,with the local rail network being managed and run by Mersey Rail and the national network is managed by Network Rail. Its local rail network offers links all through Merseyside and beyond. The national network helps to connect Liverpool with the other prominent cities across the nation. Its famous Lime Street station, serves as a terminus for several lines into Liverpool, and is the primary station. You can catch a direct train to Liverpool from several cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, Preston, Sheffield, Norwich, Nottingham and Scarborough. The local rail network is out of the busiest and most extensive and consists of three lines; the City Line, Wirral Line, and the Northern Line.

Liverpool and its surrounding areas have numerous tourist attractionsthat are both historic as well as modern. Some of the more prominent tourist attractions in the city are as follows:

Anfield Stadium: For all football fans the world over, one of the most famous and recognised football venues is the renowned Anfield Stadium. It has been home to the Liverpool FC team since 1892 and has hosted countless fans during the thousands of matches played there. Besides hosting matches of the English Premier League, it is the seventh largest football stadium in the country and one of the biggest draws for football lovers who visit the city, from across the globe. When there are no scheduled games to be played, visitors can tour the place and buy souvenirs and other mementoes.

St. Georges Hall: It is a perfect example of brilliant architecture and lies in the centreof Liverpool in Hall Street. It remains a prominent landmark for all those who exit the nearby railway station who are mesmerised by its details and magnificence. It took more than 10 years to be built and was the creation of architect and designer Lonsdale Elmes. It was opened to the public in 1854 and since then has remained one of the most famous attractions in the city. It houses magnificent marble pillars with immense chandeliers and classic mosaics. It was a favourite venue of Charles Dickens who often gave public readings at the place.

The Casbah Coffee Club: It is one of the most famous coffee barsin Liverpool and ranks among its most famous tourist attractions. It has always been a favourite gathering place for musicians and artists and offers a quaint and cosy atmosphere, where some of the most talented artists share and exchange ideas and views. If you are visiting Liverpool, make it a point to see the Casbah House.

Merseyside Maritime Museum: Anyone who has an interest in maritime history need not look any further.Merseyside Maritime Museum is the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon where you will be fascinated by the exhibits and the history all around. It is a great way to spend the day with the family and a genuine treasure trove of Liverpool.