London office versus Silicon Valley office


London’s Tech City – also known as Silicon Roundabout – is constantly growing and developing, and as such has been compared to Silicon Valley in California. It’s little wonder that many comparisons have been drawn, seeing as many of the tech giants like Facebook and Google have moved into this small area of East London.

What’s interesting about this part of the city is that many of the most interesting companies started in the bedrooms of other boroughs in the Big Smoke. And now, they reside in agonisingly ‘cool’ tech work spaces, which Adzuna says are hip enough to challenge any of the coolest offices in Silicon Valley.


Of course, it isn’t just digital companies that populate East London as there are lots of hotels near Shoreditch, including M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel, which is perfect for anything from a weekend visit to a few weeks trip.

We have pulled together a list of some offices we think can give Silicon Valley a run for its money because, when it comes to being cool, London knows what it’s doing.

Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters

Located on Shoreditch High Street, Mind Candy is a digital company behind Moshi Monsters, a website that houses a choice of six virtual pet monsters that can be customised and navigated around a city. The website has found huge popularity as an online game and it’s of little surprise that the head office is scattered with toys and games of all ilks.

The office has an entire section for gaming with couches and bean bag chairs, and every so often the whole team has a game night in the office after work.

These breakout activities would certainly give any trendy Silicon Valley office competition being fun and on trend.

AirBnB HQ in California

In contrast, the headquarters of AirBnB in San Francisco certainly do have a lot to boast about given its meeting rooms are inspired by log cabins – and that’s just for starters.

The whole office is intended to showcase the comfort that everyone hopes to find when they book to stay in an AirBnB anywhere across the world. Comfort is the main order of the day with big armchairs, while the kitchen is brightly coloured and apparently the men’s toilet is adorned with an antelope head.

Quirky is certainly one word to describe this workspace but the innovation and creativity has been inspired by real AirBnB listings, so you might actually be getting a glimpse of someone’s own house if you get to visit these offices.

Other areas of creativity

Naturally, London’s creative offices aren’t only limited to the area of Tech City, in fact when you look you’ll be hard pushed to find somewhere that doesn’t boast a cool place to work.

For example, Innocent Drinks’ headquarters is based in Kensel Rise and even its nickname of ‘Fruity Towers’ is kooky. Indoors, you’ll find fake grass, picnic benches, table football and an archetypal English red telephone box – no word on whether it works or not.

Already pretty wacky by normal standards, Camden is also home to some interesting companies, such as Forward Internet Group. This office was designed by Jump Studios and was inspired by both Alice in Wonderland and the Super Mario computer games. There’s also a giant lobster feature, if you’re a fan of crustaceans.

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