London: Tech Capital of the world

London Tech City

For a long time now, London has been competing with many others for the title of Tech Capital of the World and it seems – in some ways at least – that it has managed to achieve this accolade.

If it isn’t the undisputed capital, then it’s definitely in contention to share the label, as there has been a considerable amount of investment into the digital and tech industry of the city, that has seen it flourish and twinned with cities on other continents.

For example, in east London, Tech City is constantly compared to and twinned with Silicon Valley in San Francisco. This area of the English capital has even been given the name Silicon Roundabout, to further boost its tech credentials.

But, is it the new tech capital of the world? And if it is, how long will it be able to hang on to its digital crown?

London Tech City

We’re going to have a look at some of the things that support London as having an excellent shot at becoming the centre of tech creativity.

Invention quite rightly states that London has always had a knack for invention, having been the birthplace of plastic, penicillin and television, among many other life-changing discoveries.

Across the world, it’s also known as a place of economy and industry, a business hub if you like thanks to its stock exchange, creative industries and now, of course, its technology boom.

London is consistently growing, simultaneously keeping up with the times, as well as pushing them along with its inventions and businesses that create tools and opportunities.

Tech City, due to its relevance in the modern digital world has been ripe for investment for years, as it has a huge community of start-ups that have encouraged established businesses like Amazon, Facebook and others to set up offices in this area.

This is actually seeing London’s Tech City overtake Silicon Valley in terms of growth, making it something of a leader in the field.


In terms of location, London is the perfect place for companies to do business, as it’s just two hours from here to many major European cities.

This is where Silicon Valley really has its drawbacks because even if you get a flight that will get you to Europe quickly you still have to fly several hours and go through customs to get to a meeting. Similarly, people will opt for flying through the night. This is a good solution but it often means that you have to make a lot of changes or transfers, which is something of a hassle.

The easiest thing to do is to stay in the particular city for a couple of days, purely to make the trip worthwhile.

For these reasons, successful business heads from Silicon Valley who often have business in Europe will tend to rent an apartment or house in the relevant city for them to be able to stay and rest when they’re travelling for corporate reasons.

This is when having an office in London’s Tech City is particularly helpful, as members from the London office will be much better fixed to travel to mainland Europe and back in one day, due to its proximity to many European business hubs.


An article written by ITProPortal this year stated that London has overtaken New York and Shanghai in a global ranking of top tech cities.

In the summary, it mentions a report by EY UK that says London has an “incredible entrepreneurial attitude”, which makes it a more attractive option for those who are looking to invest in technology companies.

The only place to beat London at the time was San Francisco, but even three months ago, London was pegged for being close to shutting this gap.

EY’s London market segment leader Caroline Artis has said that although financial services – in which London has been a leader for years – is still important, it’s things like tech and digital that are “adding to the things that make London seem attractive to the rest of the world”.

It really is Tech City that is at the centre of all of the intrigue, awareness and investment in London’s technology scene. You’ll see for yourself when you go there and take note of the thriving atmosphere.

In the centre of this creative and technical hub is M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel, which sits proudly as a modern hospitality provider for the business traveller.

As a hotel, it’s attractive to the digital worker, as it has excellent computer services, modern equipment and board rooms/conference rooms that can hold anything from intimate two-person meetings to events of up to 200 people.

It’s also well located to local travel links, as the nearest Tube station is located on Old Street, which has Northern Line services to the rest of the city.

What’s next?

The mixture of skills and backgrounds in London makes it the ideal place for creativity in technology to continue to grow, so it isn’t a surprise that it’s becoming the tech capital of the world.

It’s uncertain what will happen to this when the UK is no longer a member of the European Union, but for the moment, it seems as though nothing can stop the progress of Tech City