London Weekend breaks are perfect for cheese lovers


London weekend breaks provide the perfect avenue to have a trip in the capital based on a theme. Usually, when we go on a say, week-long holiday, we have a wide scope for what we’re going to do, things we’re going to see, and the places we’re going to visit. When you’re only going for a London weekend break – things are a little different. You’re better off planning your staybased on one or two principal activities that don’t necessitate more than a couple of days. If you’re a cheese lover, and you want to get a taste of what London has to offer, visiting the city for a weekend break might be your perfect opportunity.

England, unlike France isn’t a country commended worldwide for its cheese. A cup of tea and the Queen is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind for an innocuous person who’s never visited the UK. Nevertheless, the country does have a certain amount of pride in cheese-making. In fact, there are over seven hundred named British cheeses being produced in the country. Some of these include: Blue Cheeses (a cheese that has veins of blue), hard cheeses (produced by repeatedly stirring a mixture of curd and whey), semi-hard cheese (the most notable example is cheddar), and soft cheese (e.g. Bath Soft cheese). Cheese connoisseurs tend to want to get a taste of what every country has to offer. They’d be missing something big if they didn’t head over to London.

London is a fun playground for cheese lovers worldwide. There are a number of cheese shops scattered throughout the region that deserve a visit on your London weekend break. Even for those who aren’t particularly fascinated by cheese, they’re bound to find the often missed aspect (cheese tasting) of British culture interesting. The Neal’s Yard Dairy found on 6, Park Street in South London is a great place to start. The staff there will be happy to have you try some of their offerings, and they have an array of cheeses worth buying. It’s right beside the Borough Market, where you’ll also find a variety of cheese on sale.

The second venue we recommend you visit is the Leadenhall Market. Here you’ll find a spot that has lasted the ages, where cheese has been sold since the 1397. Today, they actually have a walking tour, guided tasting and quiz – all on cheese. Additionally, they sell British cheese, as well as other international cheese. Meaning, the city isn’t only perfect for those looking to try British cheese. It’s also ideal for those who are looking to get a taste of a bit of everything, but can’t afford to go to every country. International in every respect, the city of London truly holds its own in this regard, making it perfect for cheese lovers looking for a London weekend break.