Millennials are driving technology towards the future


Although millennials are called out as being narcissistic and too often obsessed with their smartphones, this really isn’t the case.

In fact, they’re better known for being creative and strong believers that technology is there to make people’s lives easier, which is why they are the figureheads behind the latest and arguably greatest digital and tech startups.

According to, millennials are setting a new standard for the design and requirements of the very latest technologies, as they search for the most seamless and user-friendly apps and tech possible.

It’s expected by this year (2017) that millennials are going to be the largest online audience and they’re also going to have more buying power than any other generation that preceded them.

As a result, brands and companies are largely at the whim of this audience and will have to keep up with the demands of this discerning group of people. In this way, not only are millennials responsible for creating great digital products, but they’re also the ones increasing demand for it.

We’ve pulled together what we believe are some of the biggest millennial-driven trends in the tech industry that we think you’ll find interesting.

Express delivery

Millennials are living in a world of instant gratification – they don’t like to wait for things because they don’t have to. In times when you can find information on just about anything at the touch of a fingertip, it’s little wonder that online shops and brands offer express delivery for things people want.


Of course, this has become even easier of late, with services like one-click purchasing and easy flight and hotel booking through apps.

Recognition systems

In the past, touch ID was something limited to spy movies and places like MI5; now, of course, we can unlock our phones just by holding our thumbprints to the home button on a phone.


Similarly, credit card companies are looking to use the idea of selfies by instigating facial recognition technology that will verify online payments. Not only is this a ‘cool’ feature, it’s also a great way to ensure customers that their transactions and finances are safeguarded.

Additionally, this offers significant benefit in terms of convenience because it means that customers don’t need to remember yet another password for an online account.

Hotels are also now beginning to offer room keys that can be downloaded to people’s phones and simply tapped against doors. Again, there is a ‘cool’ factor at play here, but it’s also much handier for the customer because they don’t have to carry around a key in their pocket and worry about losing it.

Swiping left and right

Although the action of swiping left or right is most often related to the dating app Tinder, it’s also popping up in business and political apps too.

For example, LinkedIn offers updates similar to the likes of Facebook news feeds but on the app they’re presented in a swiping format, which allows users to quickly decide which news they want to read or dismiss right away. It also gives clear feedback to the company about what content people do and don’t like to read, so they can present their users with more relevant news each time.

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