A millennial’s guide to reliving your youth in London


London is a great city for millennials. As this demographic now comprises around a quarter of the UK’s population, they flock to city for both work and play. For even the youngest of the millennial age group (born between 1980-2000) adulthood is beginning to bite – but thankfully the city offers plenty of opportunities to relive a little lost youth! Here’s our top picks for where to go and things to do for nostalgic millennials…

Buy some 90’s fashion in a local boutique

London loves its retro fashions, and for millennials eager to recapture the fashions and brands of their childhood, there are lots of options. Rokit London, founded in 1988, is a decidedly-millennial-leaning type of vintage store, offering a wide range of vintage items as well as advising on how to work them into current trends. Other great vintage stores in the city include Absolute Vintage and Beyond Retro, all perfect for vintage fans staying at our nearby Shoreditch hotels.

Pay a visit to the Cereal Killer Café

What millennial doesn’t recall watching classic morning TV with a bowl of sugary cereal? As a shared experience between millennials, the Cereal Killer Café pays homage to this event with a range of cafes which cater to both well known and more obscure cereal brands. There are two London branches at Brick Lane and Camden Market. It’s quite an unusual place to head for a meal, but sure to offer something to talk about – and the cafés even offer private hire and party bookings for real cereal enthusiasts enjoying M by Montcalm Shoreditch rooms.

Watch a classic film with Secret Cinema

The films of childhood mark a major point of nostalgia for millennials, and there’s plenty of new cinema brands and film enthusiasts cropping up around the city, offering a chance to relive these memories during your visit to the capital. Secret Cinema is one of the best known, offering a ‘secret’ live cinema experience which screens a whole host of treats for film fans, including a range of 80’s and 90’s classics sure to spark plenty of great memories during your stay at our Shoreditch hotels. The next upcoming feature is the final cut of 80’s sci-fi extravaganza Blade Runner, and the company offers a mailing list to help you keep up to date with the latest happenings in immersive retro cinema.

secret cinema

Send a postcard from the capital

While communication may have gone digital, millennials are bringing back the tradition of sending postcards in a big way, fuelling the maintenance and restoration of postcard shops throughout the city. Lambert Souvenirs have been trading in London since 1979, and stock a number of London-themed (and Royal Family themed) postcards, gifts and memorabilia. Whether buying a postcard to send to friends and family or simply topping up on items to decorate the walls, this is a great way to indulge nostalgia for childhood holidays while enjoying a current trend.