Montcalm guide to staying fit in London this winter


The world is getting much more health conscious and more people than ever are adopting new lifestyles in order to stay fit. Luckily for holidaymakers in London, the city is packed full of fun activities that will get your heart rate jumping.

Any fitness fanatics looking for boutique hotels Shoreditch will find plenty of places to stretch their legs and get active this winter. Although many of your favourite outdoor sports can be out of the question due to the weather, here are a number of great ways to stay fit during the cold months.


Although the weather is getting colder, a jog around the beautiful greeneries of London is sure to warm you up and get your blood pumping. There’s nothing like an early morning jog to get your day off to a great start. Our boutique hotels Shoreditch are located near a number of paths and jogging routes which offer some amazing views of the city’s most iconic areas. Whether you’re looking for a short run or a lengthy jog, you’ll find routes that are perfect for all fitness levels so be sure to bring your trainers and a jacket so you’re ready to run this winter.



When the weather outside is frightfully cold, there’s nothing more delightful than a nice relaxing swim in a warm pool. The M by Montcalm Spa offers visitors to London a luxurious setting in which to get some exercise and relax after a long workout. The fitness pool and spa provide fitness fanatics with a private getaway where they can escape the busy London streets and break a sweat out of the winter cold. The premium pool is perfect for people looking for a morning workout or a way to relax after a long day of travelling around the city. Be sure to check out the spa brochure and book your stay.


If you’re looking for indoor activities to stay fit during your time in London, trampolining is a great way to get your heart racing without having too harsh the bitter winter cold. Jumping up and down may not seem like a very rewarding workout but it’s surprising how many calories you can burn from bouncing around. Not only that, trampolining offers a fun way to get active, especially if you head to one of the many new indoor parks dotted around the city. With wall to wall trampolines, you’re sure to have a laugh.


Yoga is one of the many new fitness fads that have hit London over the last decade with more studios opening up every year. The ancient practice is a proven way of improving flexibility and increasing fitness levels. If you’ve never tried yoga before, there are plenty of studios and spaces around London where trained instructors hold classes and can teach you the skills you need to master all of the stretches and get in shape this winter.