The Montcalm and Handy travel


Recognised as one of the leading destinations for a luxurious and stylish yet comfortable visitor experience in the UK capital, The Montcalm hotel has now added another string to its considerable bow. For the hotel has become the first in Europe to offer all guests – free of charge and for their stay’s duration – a smartphone service to take the place of their handheld devices, should they have travelled from overseas and discovered their regular or replacement network isn’t working, thus they’re unable to make any calls or gain access online.

Montcalm London
Developed and rolled out by Tink Labs, the Handy smartphone hasn’t been available to hotel visitors outside of South East Asia before now, but owing to The Montcalm London Marble Arch’s implementation of it – which could well prove to be a trailblazer in the industry – the service has now well and truly arrived in one of the most exciting, dynamic and important cities in Europe and indeed the world.

The Handy device ensures that, irrespective of how well their own smartphones may or may not be working,guests are now guaranteed to be able to make local and international calls, connect to the Internet via 3G and access other highly useful functions,including online maps to aid navigation of London and preloaded tips on where to eat and drink.In time,the Montcalm group expects to make the Handy service available to visitors at all of its properties.

“Handy started as a bold idea to solve a travel problem but is now reshaping the tourism landscape and we are absolutely confident that Handy will soon be the must-have amenity for all international travellers”, says Terence Kwok, Founder and CEO of Tink Labs. “As the first hotel in London and Europe to provide the Handy smartphone services, The Montcalm London Marble Arch is setting a precedent in creating a hassle-free travel experience for all hotel guests. This is exciting!”