Must See Exhibitions in London in 2015


Without a doubt, London is home to inspiring and innovative art and culture.  This is one of the aspects that draw tourists to this vibrant and multi-cultural city.

Look below for the exciting exhibitions that should be visited this year.

1.Alexander  McQueen : Savage Beauty, Victoria and Albert Museum
This exhibition focuses on the work by the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The talented designer’s work is thoroughly examined and it is displayed as a dramatic staging which matches his theatrical and stunning designs. The examined works start right from the beginning which is his 1992 graduate collection all the way to his unfinished collection in 2010. After his untimely death in 2010, the body of work by Alexander McQueen holds importance and resonance today.

2.History Is Now, Hayward Gallery
In anticipation to a General Election that is too close to call, this exhibition will focus on how Great Britain has changed within the last 70 years. The 7 artists that are involved in the project, John Akomfrah, Simon Fujiwara, Roger Hiorns, Hannah Starkey, Richard Wentworth and Jane and Louise Wilson, will look at a specific period in history, this could be from the end of the Second World War to the rise of feminism and the pop culture of today.  This fascinating insight to the changes that have occurred in Great Britain reveals how much the past and history affects us and has influence today.

3.Inventing Impressionism, National Gallery
The exhibition focuses on a man named Paul Durand-Ruel, an art dealer who saw the potential in the Impressionist art from several regarded Impressionist artists including Monet.  Although Durand-Ruel was not an artist himself but he certainly drew in an audience of art lovers.  The artists and their works were very much derided but the blind faith that Ruel had paid off and the artists’ names have much resonance today.  Quite simply, Paul Durand- Ruel is a man that is important to the art world.

4.The World Goes Pop, Tate Modern
This exhibition does not open to later on in the year but it does extend into the New Year. The World Goes Pop will focus on how the world engaged with pop art. Unknown to most people, different cultures and countries contributed to the idea of pop art. The works that are gathered together will be displayed in the UK for the first time.

5.Salt and Silver: Early Photography 1840-1860, Tate Britain
This important exhibition is dedicated to one of the earliest forms of photography. The salted paper prints was presented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1839. It transformed subjects and images looked softer and had a unique effect. However, due to the fragility of the prints, very few have actually survived.  This makes the exhibition even more extraordinary and special. Visitors to the exhibition will literally be taking a look at history.

6.Painting Paradise: The Art Of The Garden,  the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace
Art and nature regularly collide and this exhibition looks at how gardens have been represented in art throughout history. With an exhaustive amount of paintings, drawings, manuscripts and much more, the exhibition showcases the very best of nature within art. Stemming from the 16th century to the 20th century, works included in the exhibition are by Leonardo da Vinci and Carl Fabergé.

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