Neighbourhood Guide: Hoxton


London is a city of many contrasts, and it’s filled with plenty of original districts, each offering a distinctive and unique atmosphere. Hoxton is one of the capital’s most celebrated areas, which has taken on a particularly trendy mantle in the last few years. Visitors will find lots to see and do here, with an eclectic selection of venues which together form a bustling, artistic and fashionable part of the city.



Celebrity chef and London mainstay Jamie Oliver presents his social enterprise Fifteen, right in the heart of Hoxton. No reservation is needed for the ground floor, where you can enjoy everything from a cocktail to a meal. The restaurant is well known for its charitable edge, with chefs sourced from obscurity and fully trained to become masters at their craft. Ideal for visitors to hotels near Moorgate Tube Station seeking a great lunch while exploring the city before heading back to the M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City for dinner.


20 Hoxton Square 

A spacious art gallery first opened in 2007, 20 Hoxton Square includes a vast selection of carefully curated works from contemporary emerging artists. The venue hosts everything from sculptures to photography, watercolours and wall paintings, all within easy reach of the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch. The gallery takes a unique approach to the exhibition, and there are always lots of new items to see, so each visit is a little different from the next.



A delightful little book shop which encapsulates much of the delightful variety of the Hoxton area, the shop focuses on art books – presenting a wholly creative space with none of the stuffiness one might expect from an art gallery, yet all of the artistic richness. With helpful staff and some truly unique finds, Bookartbookshop represents some of the best of Hoxton.


The Bricklayers Arms 

As bohemian as it gets, this pub was once known as a meeting place for artists and aspiring artists. Nowadays it welcomes similarly artistically-inclined visitors and offers a delicious fusion menu of Thai and British cuisine. Surrounded by trendy bars and nightclubs, it’s the ideal starting point for an evening out, or for a quiet weekend drink.


Shoreditch Adventure Playground 

For younger visitors to Hoxton, there is still lots to do. Shoreditch Adventure Playground is ideal for children from 6-16, and has access for those with support needs to make it the ideal venue for letting excitable kids play during your stay in the city.


The Nightjar 

Styled after a classic Prohibition bar from the 20s and 30s, The Nightjar Bar in Shoreditch might look understated from the outside, but once you step foot through the doors, you’ll soon be transported to a haven for lovers of jazz and cocktails. With a speak-easy look and feel, the venue has many striking design features which help it stand out in Hoxton, including plenty of vintage furniture and wood panelling which lends itself to a space more suited to Manhattan than London. Yet it’s all part of the appeal – and with table service, you can even feel like a VIP for the evening.