Novel Approach: The Best Independent Bookstores in Shoreditch

Bookstores in Shoreditch

Finding a good book is one the great pleasures in life, but it’s made even better when you have to root around in a quirky bookstore to find it. Happily, Shoreditch has a number of eclectic, bohemian bookstores where you can get stuck in, find the perfect book and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Only a stone’s throw from M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City, Shoreditch’s independent bookshops are a delight that no bookworm should miss out on.

Artwords Bookshop

Selling books is part of what Artwords Bookshop does, but that’s not the whole story. Whilst you can find offerings from well-known authors, Artwords also puts a huge emphasis on encouraging and featuring emerging artists.

Just off Shoreditch High Street, Artwords usually features an absolutely huge range of contemporary visual art – so much so that it has become known as a London hub for new and established artists. Aside from this service to the arts, Artwords sells amazing, hard to find books and magazines about design and contemporary culture. With all this emphasis on design and art, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the interior is also just a beautiful place to be. Come for the books, stay for the atmosphere and the creative vibes.

Brick Lane Bookshop

With a no-nonsense name, Brick Lane Bookshop has established itself as one of the very best independent bookshops in the capital. And it’s only a short hop from your room at M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City.

First and foremost, it’s just a really great, well-stocked bookshop. You could easily pass a couple of hours looking at everything on offer and the friendly, welcoming feel of the place makes this very tempting. You’ll find contemporary popular literature alongside more niche titles and areas of interest, and there should be something for even the most discerning reader.

But Brick Lane Bookshop is also a hive of literary activity, with regular reading groups and writing workshops on offer. It’s a wonderful bookshop and somewhere you need to check out.


A stunning space near Shoreditch High Street – the shop was designed by Spanish architect firm SelgasCano – Libreria is a laid-back, welcoming bookshop that has big ideas. It’s the type of place where staff will take the time to find out about what your interests are and come up with something you might actually enjoy, rather than pushing particular titles they need to sell.

The thought process behind Libreria is to break away from the ‘Amazon recommends’ culture of reading and works to foster a creative and different approach for customers when choosing their latest read. Essentially, it’s a bookshop run by book lovers and they want to encourage everyone to read as widely as possible. And what’s wrong with that?

It’s an amazing environment for scouting around for a new book and it’s likely you’ll find something you hadn’t even considered before. For a fresh, dedicated approach to literature, check out Libreria.