When and where is off-peak travel in London?

travel in London

London’s travel system helps keep a busy city turning, but while certainly one of the most effective in the world, things can get pretty complex. If you’re searching for off-peak travel as a convenient and affordable way to get around, it heps to know what that truly means – and where to find the best off peak deals.

What is Off Peak?

Put simply, off peak travel allows you to get around London at a cheaper price, because trains, buses and other forms of public transport are less busy. The tickets are designed to help ensure everyone can travel on London’s transport system. Off-Peak tickets can vary in price and in definition, as there is sometimes more than one Off-Peak fare for a particular journey or destination. Where more discounts are applied, this fare is referred to as Super Off-Peak.

During your stay at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London, travelling Off-Peak means you can see more of the city without spending all of your budget on travel. It also often means you won’t be fighting through crowds to get onto a packed train or bus!

Major benefits for travelling during off-peak times include:

  • A more leisurely style of travel, perfect for those who are staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London and want to see the sights.
  • Fewer crowds and more seating on London’s bustling public transport system.
  • The chance for even greater discounts when travelling Super-Off-Peak or using an additional discount card for your travel.

When can I use Off-Peak tickets?

Off-Peak is generally defined as Monday-Sunday between approximately 09:30 and 16:00. Off-peak times also return at approximately 19:00. Most trains during Bank Holidays and weekends is classed as Off-Peak. Travelling with an Off-Peak ticket will vary, depending on the journey and where it is headed. We highly recommend using the Transport for London journey planner to map out your trip, or a platform such as The TrainLine for overground rail services while staying at Shoreditch London accommodation.

How can I save even more?

There are a range of ways to get even more from your Off-Peak travel experience, including adding a railcard or an Oyster card to your selection of tools during your visit. Some routes also allow for additional travel perks such as cheaper travel for younger passengers, and family deals. Booking online where applicable will help you to plan in advance.

How do I check I’m travelling Off-Peak?

The best way to be sure your tickets will count as Off-Peak is to check with the direct service provider for each leg of the trip. Even across the city, times and zones can vary. London is one of the most heavily populated cities in Europe, so understandably the public transport system has been developed to accommodate all different budgets and travel styles.

If you’d rather get somewhere early, then travelling Off-Peak might not be for you – but if you have time to spare and would rather save yourself a little money, it’s worth the extra effort.