Optional extras: why the M by Montcalm stands out from the rest


At the M by Montcalm we work hard to ensure our guests enjoy the best possible stay with us in the Shoreditch neighbourhood. How many other hotels in the area go the extra mile like we do? Here are just three ways we stand out from the crowd…

The Bath Butler

Here’s the ultimate indulgence – a bath poured for you as you return from a long day of sightseeing or business meetings. What could be better? Not least when you can have your choice of six bathing options. So, available for all Club Room or Suite guests, why not enjoy…?

• 50 Shades of M – this relaxing multicolour-toned bath goes down a treat with an additional cocktail

• You’ve Been Mangoe’d – a bathing to wake you up thanks to a tangy, citrus scent and a complimentary coffee

• Million Dollar Bath – a stylish bathing experience designed specifically to make you feel like a million dollars and set you up for the night ahead; with a Blue Diamond cocktail on the house


• Bubble Bliss – one for you and your loved one this; enjoy a couple of glasses of champagne and strawberries too

• The Long Kiss Good Night – slip into this bath and shortly afterwards you’ll find yourself slipping between your bedsheets for a perfect night’s sleep; served with a ‘Good Night M tea’

• Honey I Washed the Kids – with glasses of honey milk, this bath-time treat’s ideal for little tykes with energy to burn and, yes, in need of a good bathing!

The Sleep Concierge

Are you planning to visit London for all-important work commitments? Do you need somewhere comfortable, nay a little luxurious to stay to ensure the pressure of the day drips off you come the evening? And do you suspect you may need a little help getting a good night’s sleep when you rest your head on your pillow? If the answer to those questions is ‘yes’, then of all the hotels near Shoreditch it surely has to be the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City and our ‘Sleep Concierge’ service – which offers:

• Pillow Perfection – choose from a selection of hypo-allergenic, anti-ageing, ecological and vitamin-treated pillows

• Prepare for Drop Off – fancy trying an eye mask, a bedtime snack or a wee dab of aromatherapy oil on your pillow to relieve the day’s stresses? Be our guest.

• Deep Breath, Deeper Sleep – who wouldn’t benefit for a sleep-inducing scent in their room?

• Bath Oils – an indulgent soak in the tub with added lavender scents and a glass of sparkling wine or champagne is just the tonic for unwinding

• Switch On, Switch Off – soothing sounds courtesy of your room’s iPad music selection could well prove ideal for sending you off to dreamland

• Bedtime Service – we’ll make sure your room’s set-up for sleeping upon your return (including requested pre-set lighting, room temperature and in-room aroma)

• Lavender Turndown Service – a lavender aroma wafting through your room and a touch of aromatherapy oil on your pillow’s bound to help you drift off… and wake up the following morning perfectly refreshed.

Stay Connected

Finally, even if you’re away from home to escape it all, you simply can’t be out of contact with family and friends back home – like it or not, we all need to remain connected in today’s world. That’s why you can rely on us to ensure you will be whatever happens, thanks to our offer of a complimentary SIM for the entirety of your stay (if you’ve booked a Club Room or Suite via our website). It’s good to talk – it’s even better when you can do so at the drop of a hat!