Places to go in London as a tourist


People flock in their millions to come and visit London every year and it’s little wonder why, as there are so many things to do in this vibrant and exciting city.

It’s impossible to feel bored when you’re in the Big Smoke; many people find it energising just thinking about going to visit due to the range of art, theatre, skate culture, fashion, music, film and so much more.

However, it can also be daunting to try to take on London, particularly if it’s your first time to the city, because not only is there a lot to see and do, there’s a lot of ground to cover. This urban landscape is huge, so how are you expected to know where to start your investigations?

Easily! Instead of thinking of all the singular things that you want to do in London, break it down into its different neighbourhoods or boroughs. By choosing to visit one or two of the places we’ve outlined below, you can whittle down the activities that are in those specific areas, making it much less stressful for you to enjoy yourself.

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  • Shoreditch

This is known as a great place to have a night out, thanks to its huge range of eateries, bars, pubs and clubs. The best thing about Shoreditch is that the atmosphere isn’t limited to the weekend – all the great places have things going on any given night of the week. It doesn’t matter what time it is, you should be able to find something fun to do in Shoreditch.

Don’t forget though that this area is wonderful in the day too, thanks to all the little places it has boasting delicious breakfast and even better coffee. Shoreditch is right by the digital and tech hub of London, which means there are lots of people searching for their daily hit of coffee every morning.

  • Camden Town

Camden is like a window to the past, as this is where you’re likely to spot punks and flower hippies strolling around the market, heading to a gig or striding to work.


This area is famous for its wacky shopfronts and brightly dressed locals, so you can just enjoy the day having a beer and people-watching, if you like. Don’t sit all day though – have a look around the famous Camden Market and find yourself a bargain.

Music is big in this area – whether you’re into jazz, blues, rock or pop, there are amazing venues and gigs here every night of the week.

  • Westminster

This area is more popular with tourists than others on the list, but there’s no denying that it’s an impressive part of London.

Go to see the Houses of Parliament, take a tour around Westminster Abbey and immerse yourself in some of the city’s political, religious and economical history.

Buckingham Palace is also close by – if you’ve never seen it before it’s definitely worth a look, particularly if you happen to be visiting London in the summer. Hyde Park is a natural progression from here and so is Speaker’s Corner, where you can hear people giving their opinion freely on current events.

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