Places to Unwind and Relax near Shoreditch this month


There’s great news for those seeking a chance to get away from it all in London – in and around Shoreditch there’s plenty of places where you can do just that, finding a retreat from the busier aspects of city life without having to tread too far from your hotel. Here’s a few of our favourite places to relax and unwind…

The Barbican

If you want to indulge your love of local culture then The Barbican Centre is the ideal spot; a surprisingly tranquil idyll despite playing host to all the major art forms such as film, music and theatre. Whether you want to catch some classical music, modern art or simply relax in a café and watch the world go by, this is the perfect place to do so, and you can return to the M Montcalm Tech City refreshed and ready to continue your adventures! If you’re feeling a little more social, there’s lots of classes and learning opportunities for you to test yourself or pick up a new skill on your downtime – and all under one roof.


Alexandra Nurseries

This independent garden centre provides the ideal space for some quiet reflection and even a spot of vintage shopping. There’s a café on site, situated amid the stunning flora and fauna, and there’s a workshop too if you feel like getting more active. The nurseries focus on green, ethical and sustainable practices, making this a feel-good space to relax in beautiful surroundings.

Fowlds Café

One of London’s most petite cafes, Fowlds is suitably rustic-feeling with a distinctly villagey feel. There’s cakes on tap including a delicious carrot cake, and a whole range of snacks and drinks. Great for getting away from it all, pull up a stool here and kick back for an hour or so before returning to the hustle and bustle of London.

The Pigeon Hole

This delightful café is a surprisingly quaint place to grab a tea or coffee, providing a quiet space to collect your thoughts while staying in the big city. With a fine menu and a fully stocked bar, there’s space to sit outside in fine weather and cosy interiors come rain or shine.

The M By Montcalm Spa

If relaxation is what you’re seeking, then the M Montcalm Tech City is one sure to delight those looking for the top spa hotels in Shoreditch. With plenty of treatments to choose from you can enjoy the best spa treatments without even having to leave the hotel – giving you the space to unwind in comfort.

Queen of Hoxton

Whether you’re meeting up with friends or simply want to enjoy the great outdoors in a stylish setting, Queen of Hoxton provides the vibrant surroundings to allow you to do just that! The third-floor terrace only opens in summer, but the venue itself opens mid-afternoon for a quiet place to grab a drink before it all becomes a lot louder and more hectic later in the evening.