Rising in the east: the best breakfast venues in East London


Should you be thinking of making Shoreditch the base for a stay in the capital (whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure), then you’ll no doubt be eager to find out about the breakfast options. There’s a good chance you might try your hotel’s restaurant choices each morning, of course, but if you intend on looking further afield, then these possibilities may pique your interest…

Rivington Grill

(28-30 Rivington Street EC2A 3DZ)

This is the place if you want to keep it traditional for breakfast – British traditional, that is. When in England, do as the English do, though, right? Here’s where you can enjoy a breakfast menu featuring dishes and delights that draw on the very best ingredients sourced from the British Isles – those old English breakfast staples are joined by scones, classic meats, seafood and tasty seasonal treats.

The Breakfast Club

(2-4 Rufus Street N1 6PE)

Frankly, anywhere with this name’s in for trouble if it doesn’t deliver when it comes to the ‘most important meal of the day’, but don’t worry; this (very near) Old Street eatery most assuredly does. It truly offers up the tastiest American pancakes, French toast and poached eggs and avocado you could imagine, but the best thing is that its breakfast menu runs until at least 5pm – while the dinner menu’s made up of lashings of pancakes too. A word of warning, mind; queues are the norm here.


The Blues Kitchen

(134-136 Curtain Road EC2A 3AR)

Barbecue for breakfast? Hey, it’s stylish, hip Shoreditch; why on earth not? And if you’re looking for ideas to eat and stay in Shoreditch (not least on a short break in the capital), then definitely why not! And, of all the restaurants in Shoreditch, The Blues Kitchen offers a substantial menu when it comes to breakfast/ brunch, what with pancakes and egg-based dishes and others bursting with smoked meats or beef rib sandwiches. For sure, this is the place to try should you wake up with a real hunger to sate – and fancy the idea of going full BBQ!

Cereal Killer Café

(139 Brick Lane E1 6SB)

This place is ‘so Shoreditch’ it hurts. Perfect for breakfast, naturally, but somewhere the trendy crowd (and the merely curious) are eager to check out any time of day, the country’s first cereal-dedicated café serves up the very best of US and UK cereals; everything from Rice Krispies to Sugar Puffs and Weetabix to Lucky Charms. And it’s not just about selecting your cereal and adding milk; there’s a plethora of toppings to choose from too – fresh fruit, nuts or even M&Ms – yum!

Duck & Waffle

(110 Bishopsgate EC2N 4AY)

Finally, here’s an option that’s ideal if you like the idea of working up an appetite. For this restaurant – open any time of day and evening then, obviously – is actually located 40 floors up in one of the City of London’s skyscrapers. But its breakfast choices are well worth the ascent; don’t doubt it. With freshly baked pastries and seasonal fruit served all year round, what more could you ask for? Well, how about going the ‘Full Elvis’ – that is, Belgian waffles complete with banana brulee, butter, jelly and Chantilly cream? Or a supreme savoury sensation to kick-off the day good and proper in the shape of Ox Cheek Benedict eggs? There’s nothing like spoiling yourself at breakfast time when you’re away from home and this is the place to do it in, all right!