Romantic hotels in London are perfect for art lovers


Romantic hotels in London promise a series of delightful escapades. With a series of attractions, events, things to do, places to visit around an abundant amount of hotels – the city clearly holds its own in every regard. In fact, fascinatingly, it’s particularly suited for couples who are into arts. Believe it or not, there are a host of galleries featuring paintings from the ages, each one showcasing a series of unique paintings, giving you something to ponder and delight in. The National Gallery, the TATE, the Courtauld Gallery, the Guildhall Art Gallery, the Kenwood House form the majority of the main art galleries in the city.

During the winter, particularly near Christmas, you’ll find that these art galleries make it a priority to show paintings under the theme of with a festive ring to them. And so, if you’re visiting the romantic hotels in London during this time, we implore you to also visit the galleries. In fact, there are certain snow paintings in London we’ve come across that we highly recommend you go check out.

‘Men of the docks’ by George Bellows, 1912 depicts a group of men waiting by the freezing Brooklyn dock in New York. It’s available to see in the National Gallery; room 45. The ‘Winter Landscape’ by Caspar David Friedrich, 1811 is found in Room 41 in the same gallery and features a gothic church towering over the horizon, with a snow covered fir tree in a white, wintery landscape. ‘A scene on the Ice near a town’ by HendrickAvercamp, 1616 just makes you feel warm inside from the moment you see it.

It’s a pieceshowing group of kids playing, chatting, skating, slipping, and playing kolf (an earlier form of golf) on the snow fields and is found in room 26.

‘Remembering the joys that have passed away’ a painting by Augustus Edwin Mulready, 1873 demonstrates a poor women and her daughter staring at a poster on the wall. The look on both their face gives the impression that they’re reminiscing about good times that have passed. It’s found in the Guildhall Art Gallery. The trouble with these paintings is that there’s very little that words can express in terms of what they offer. Sure, we can tell you that provide a tantalising view into history under the theme of Christmas, and throw you all the superlatives we can think of to describe the paintings. But in reality, these paintings are just something you’ll have to go and see for yourself to understand what we mean.

We understand that on a romantic break, visiting art galleries isn’t the highest thing on your to-do list. Taking refuge in the romantic hotels in London, you’ll be looking to get a taste of everything the city has to give. Excitement, comfort, and adventure are the words that perhaps best describe what you’re after. Although art galleries don’t necessarily follow those same themes, they give you a momentary, pleasurable repose. Even on a romantic break, enjoying each other’s company in new surroundings can be enough. The art galleries found not too far from many of the romantic hotels in London make for one of the most pleasurable ways you can spend your time as a couple in the city.