Share in the Delights of Shoreditch


Shoreditch High Street station is a baby compared to other railway stations in London. It opened in 2007 to replace the Shoreditch Underground line that closed in 2006 and runs an overground service only. It is situated in the heart of the district; it has a variety of clubs, restaurants and bars scattered around it as well as art galleries and a great choice of hotels near Shoreditch station. Here is a small selection of things that Shoreditch has to offer.

Exploring Shoreditch London

Village Underground

A mecca for anyone who is artistic and creative, Village Underground is a non-profit organisation that provides an open space for writers, artists, actors and musicians to come together to let their creative juices flow. Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, the main part is housed in an early 20th century warehouse that has been completed overhauled and renovated; this part of the centre hosts exhibitions, nightclubs, plays and live art performances, to name a few. There are a huge list of performances lined up for this year alone, with acts such as Jack Garratt, Aquilo and Black Coffee gracing the stage in May, June and July.

Village Underground pride themselves on their part in the Green Movement, with their electricity being sourced by wind turbines and salvaging and restoring four Jubilee tube line train carriage. These carriages have been beautifully restored and are used as spaces for creativity for all artists, designers and film makers.

Spitalfields City Farm

Spread over 1.3 acres of land in the middle of London City, Spitalfields City Farm is a great place to go to have a break from city life. With a whole host of animals, including donkeys and cockerels, and a choice of splendid gardens, it really is a wonderful oasis in a concrete jungle. The grass road contains a mixture of wildflowers, vegetables and flowers that welcome visitors to the farm. Its creation of habitats for mini beasts has been a huge success and it is great for

children and adults alike who can do a scavenger hunt around the logs and pond to tick many different mini beasts off their list. The wildlife garden changes throughout the year; in the Spring it comes alive with the vivid colours of butterflies and the buzz of the bumblebee who favour this garden to collect their pollen. The flowers that grow here are varied and striking; these include foxgloves, bluebells, forget me nots, honesty, wild garlic and wild strawberry. It is a great place to escape to for a few hours.

Jack the Ripper Tours – Whitechapel

Less than 30 minutes walk from the hotels near Shoreditch station lies Aldgate East Station, the place where the legendary Ripper tours begin. As many know, Jack prowled the streets of Whitechapel in the late 1880’s, murdering several women of the night and earning the reputation of one of the first serial killers. The guides are well versed in this mystery and will guide you through the streets to the sites where the famous murders were committed, you will even have a beverage in the Ten Bells pub, the place where the victims themselves used to drink.

Starting at Osborne street, the guide will take you to Gunthorpe Street where Martha Tabram was murdered, the first Ripper victim. From there, you are guided to the Frying Pan pub where Mary Ann Nichols was last seen alive before her body was discovered in Bucks Row in August 1888. The guide will provide you with an insight into Victorian life and build a picture of the streets as they would have been then as you come to Hanbury street, the place where Annie Chapman was horrifically mutilated. Wilkes street is your next stop and this is where you are transported back in time, as it has remained untouched by modern life and appears exactly as it did during Jack’s Reign of Terror. It is here that you will look into the famous letters penned by Jack that were written in red ink and contained half a human kidney.

The next part of the tour is to the places where the famous double event occurred, at Berner Street and Mitre Square. Elizabeth Stride was killed first but wasn’t mutilated like the rest due to a disturbance that caused the Ripper to run incase he was caught. Mitre Square was where Catherine Eddowes was found, with extensive mutilation to her face and body, she was considered the worst of the Ripper victims, that is until Mary Kelly was found in her flat in Dorset Street. This murder still continues to shock people even to this day; the savage mutilation to her body, face and insides left police recoiling at the sight, however, Jack the Ripper still remained at large and, even today, his identity remains unknown. Can you piece the clues together and put a face and a name to the infamous Jack the Ripper?