So you think you know everything about millennials?


Millennials are easily categorised: they’re the group of people aged 18 to 35 who have come after the Baby Boomer generation and they’re potentially the most-talked about demographic in the UK at the moment.

They may be easy to pigeonhole and stereotype, but a large group of people can’t be generalised as a whole. Although there are habits and key indicators that can be found from research, such as that millennials enjoy taking holidays in interesting locations and are usually tech savvy, the reality is that we don’t know everything about them.


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There are some facts that need to be uncovered about millennials, including what drives them and their choices, and we’ve pulled together just a couple of these for you to absorb.

When millennials were born

Unsurprisingly, most people believe that millennials are those who were born in the new millennium, but the reality is that they’re mostly the people who have come of age during this time. In other words, they spent their teen years in the early to mid-2000s.

Their minds and interests

A lot of what millennials are interested in is derived from what they are surrounded by every day. Of course, the main place that this group – and most other people – source their information is the internet.

As such, the reality is that millennials are constantly exposed to everything they do and don’t want to know. Similarly, online is where they choose to impart most of their opinions and knowledge, so most of their living is done through the internet.

Now we know what they are, it’s important to outline the things that millennials absolutely are not.

They’re not aimless wanderers

Most people believe that millennials are constantly rebelling against pressure from society and trying to escape their responsibilities. However, this isn’t the case at all and in fact most live a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality that sees them keen on progressing their careers, but also more than happy to leave the office at 5pm on Friday for drinks.

What tends to be even more likely is that millennials have no qualms about turning a work meeting into drinks and vice versa – a bit like a more controlled version of Mad Men in the 1960s.

They don’t value technology over real relationships

Despite the fact that millennials increasingly mobile technology for accessing information, whether this is regarding news or travel arrangements, they still value real human contact over their devices.

In fact, the more that people in general become reliant on their smart devices the more they look for and even need face-to-face time with the ones they care about most.

With the growth of services like Skype and FaceTime, the reality of being attached to smartphones is more than just being obsessed with gadgets. Instead, the upshot is that people are able to stay in contact with their families from anywhere in the world and can see them almost any time they want.

When you really look at millennials and their habits it’s easy to see that they aren’t shallow and tech obsessed – what they are is focused and keen on building relationships.

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