The Only Spa You Need To Destress


If you are looking for a spa hotel in Shoreditch, then M By Montcalm Shoreditch welcomes you warmly with open arms.  Finding time to relax may be hard whilst living and working in London. There are many pressures whilst living in a city that seems to be on the go 24/7. Work deadlines have to be met and this means staying behind after hours. On the topic of work, getting to the office can be stressful to the delays, disruptions and cancellations which are beyond the control of commuters. Simply, now more than ever it may be harder to relax over the weekend and once Sunday rolls by, very soon the cycle of work starts all over again.

A work/life balance is very important but few people are achieving this. However, the Montcalm believes that Londoners deserve rest and relaxation and one way to gain this important aspect is to visit our spa.

If you want complete bliss and a haven away from the stresses of modern life then read on.

The spa offers so many treatments and packages that are flexible to your desires and needs. The array of treatments and packages show that no matter what people choose to indulge in, people will leave the spa with the same effect: peacefulness, bliss and rejuvenation.

What will you expect at the spa?
Guests will expect quality, and this covers everything. From the products that will be used in the treatments to the latest methods that is used within a luxury spa to the professional care and attendance by the spa staff, quality is something that the Montcalm spa strives to achieve and maintain. Again, there will be so much to choose from when you visit the spa. This ensures that whatever you desire, the Montcalm spa will provide the treatment for your needs. Do you want to focus on the care of your skin? Your skin may be affected by the stress of living and working in such a bustling city like London. The effective facials at the spa will ensure the nourishment and hydration that your skin needs. Leave the spa with smooth and supple skin.

What about a hot stone message?  The heat from the stones is deeply relaxing and it will certainly warm up all the tight muscles in your back, no doubt from all the stress and the constant sitting hunched over at a desk.  This treatment is completely relaxing and you will feel all the stresses will simply melt away. Or perhaps you want to indulge in an organic body wrap? Organic body wraps are designed to detox your body. Impurities that are built up on the skin will melt away resulting in fresher and rejuvenated skin.

Overall, The Montcalm Spa promises that when you leave, it is a completely new you from when you entered. We pride ourselves on the treatments that we provide and we believe that these treatments will enable you to forget about the stress of your job and modern day life as whole.

Why should you visit the spa?
Simply because you will be doing yourself a favour!  Over working and constant stress is not good for physical or mental health. For example, stress could cause people to eat unhealthily.  For overworked Londoners, there is a mindset is that there is no time to prepare and cook a meal at home, or whilst on a lunch break (that could be quite short!) grabbing an unhealthy lunch and eating at the desk is the answer. Therefore, stress could affect weight as people are turning towards eating unhealthy food.  Another way that stress could affect a person physically is the look of their skin. Stress causes a chemical reaction in our bodies. These chemical reactions make the skin more sensitive. Therefore, stress could be a direct cause to a breakout in the skin. Overall this shows how powerful stress could actually be with the toll it takes on our body.  These are just some of the signs that the body and mental health is not coping with the stress. What more reason do you need to say no to stress? Address the issue of stress and leave to the side and enjoy a day at the spa.

In our hectic lifestyle it is hard to simply slow down, let alone stop. Constantly on the go, this will eventually led to more stress which effects mental as well as physical health.  A visit to the Montcalm Spa will not complete the deadlines, or ensure that there are no train delays for the week but one thing that can be promised is the feelings of bliss and relaxation. A visit to the spa is something that you will not regret and it may convince you that time can be found for yourself. Don’t hesitate, contact us today and see what the Montcalm Spa can do for you.