Spa treatments to enjoy at M by Montcalm


One of the best things about going on holiday is sleeping in a comfortable hotel room that has excellent amenities and a great bar and restaurant. After all, you’re having a vacation from your normal life and it’s always nice to know that you don’t have to spend lots of time cleaning or taking care of the place that you’re staying in for a few days.

If you are a frequent corporate traveller, you’ll appreciate perhaps better than most how important it is to stay in a hotel that creates a relaxing environment. With this in mind, sometimes it isn’t enough for the hotel room to be comfy; instead, it can be a real bonus for the venue to have an in-house spa.

We all know too well how stressed we can get, which is why a deep tissue massage or a bit of pampering can be great to make you feel brand new and ease your tension.

If you are staying in the east of London, you’re in luck, as there are great spa treatments in Shoreditch, including at our M Spa in the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in our relaxing rooms, from waxes to hot stone massages, and we’ve pulled together a few details on each so you know exactly which one to pick when you get to the hotel.

M Spa Facial

At M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel, there are five different types of facial you can enjoy; each one is as relaxing as the other, but they take into consideration different skin types.

The Ananda Face Therapy, also known as “the blissful facial”, increases blood circulation and stimulates the free flow of energy to facial cells. Our experienced staff will combine their massage techniques with Rose Otto and sandalwood aromatherapy oils to reduce inflammation and address hormonal imbalance to leave your skin glowing.


We offer two types of rejuvenation face therapy to reduce visible signs of ageing, one of which is specifically for men to restore tone and vitality to your face.

A popular choice is The Detox Cure, which deep-cleans and detoxifies your skin. This meticulous approach to a facial is perfect for those of you who have had a stressful couple of weeks and want to clear your mind.

M Spa Massage

Again, there are five different types of full-body massage that we offer in our M Spa, which include a range of classic and highly modern techniques.

One that has become popular in recent years is the hot stone massage, which helps to ease muscle stiffness and will increase your circulation and metabolism.


A more recent innovation is the quirogolf massage, which sees you receive a head-to-toe therapeutic massage with golf balls that are excellent at reducing joint pain. If you have areas that are tight on your body, or a pulled muscle, this is the massage for you – you’ll sleep incredibly well afterwards.

If you prefer an holistic approach, we recommend the kundalini back treatment “for soul nurturing”. The focus of this one is to restore an exhausted nervous system through chakra and sound healing, which both target the dormant energy at the base of your spine. The result is that you release any negativity and tension from your body, improving your awareness and balance.

M Spa Body

The treatments offering under this title are just as relaxing as a massage but they include the use of Himalayan salt crystals to treat cellulite, as well as stress. You can also enjoy an energising and detoxifying scrub with the addition of a wrap, which will revitalise your skin and remove any waste products from your body.

At the spa, we also offer a gentle body scrub that is specifically for mums-to-be, which nourishes and removes excess fluid and heat from your body. You will also find that the scrub can help to improve or reduce stretch marks.


Most of the treatments we have mentioned are lengthy, lasting at least 50 minutes in order to make sure that you reach your most relaxed state.

If you would like to relax but only have about half an hour, there are still plenty of things you can enjoy in our spa, including several types of manicure and pedicure.

The spa at M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City also offers eyebrow and eyelash tinting, waxing – for both men and women – and brow shaping. These will only take around 25 minutes each, which again is great if you would like to be pampered but don’t have too much time to spare.

For some, the best way to relax is through exercise, which is why we also have a state-of-the-art gym on site. There is a huge range of cardio equipment, weights and multi-station gyms, meaning you’re sure to find something to suit you.