Spas: Saving Us from Stress-Overloads for Thousands of Years


Spas have been around for thousands of years; their ability to relax and even cure minor ailments began in the Greek and Romans times and have thrived ever since. Spas are usually centred around a mineral-rich water source or sea water; the Roman Baths in Bath, England were built due to the spring waters that run through the city and today, a modernised spa has been built to use these advantageous waters.


If you are hunting for a relaxation hot spot in the city of London, then head to Shoreditch; this up and coming district is easily accessible by overground and underground trains as well as by bus and taxi.


The spa treatments Shoreditch has to offer are vast and range from all day sessions to quick pitstops, the choice of how long and how much relaxation your body and mind needs is purely down to you.


Cowshed Spa


Originating from Somerset, Cowshed Spas and products have become international, with Germany, New York, Miami, Chicago, Oxfordshire and Istanbul all having their very own Cowshed. This global company has set itself apart from the usual spa scene by using the comforts of your home to make you feel at ease instead of the usual calming windpipe or chime music. The Shoreditch House branch is equipped with cosy armchairs in a rustic setting with small separate televisions to watch whilst being pampered. Whether you need a few hours away from the world or a 10 minute top up, Cowshed Spa can cater to your every whim.


Here are a small selection of the treatments available at Cowshed Spa:-


Body Therapies


Cowshed offers a brand new range of products called Slender Cow which are designed to tone, even skin tone and minimise the look of stretch marks within 12 weeks. There are a required amount of treatments to achieve a noticeable difference and Cowshed offer a special discounts for those who wish to buy these treatments in bulk!


• Slender Cow Total Body: This amazing complete body treatment combines a revitalising massage with an exfoliation using the Slender Cow scrub, body butter and serum.


• Sleepy Cow Body Treatment: This new treatment not only unwinds your body, but it also quietens your mind. Using a mixture of relaxing essential oils, the treatment begins with an exfoliation and a back massage and ends with a sensational foot and neck massage, leaving your body totally relaxed and your mind refreshed.




As well as the standard facials that are designed to rejuvenate your skin, Cowshed also offer advance facials which are designed to combat signs of ageing and skin damage as well as any other skin concerns. As well as their own products, Cowshed also use SkinCeuticals which have been recommended by leading skin experts from around the world.


• Corrective Anti-Ageing Facial: If skin damage or ageing is a primary concern, then this facial is perfect for you. This facial uses antioxidants to combat the damaged cells in the skin as well as quickening the production of cells to give the skin a firmer and plumper look and feel.


• Vitamin C Firming Facial: Vitamin C is renowned for its amazing properties, especially on the skin. This treatment brightens the skin as well as evening out skin tone, leaving you looking and feeling radiant.


The Shoreditch Spa


The Shoreditch Spa offers a social scene that allows you to come by yourself or with friends, relax with a glass of champagne and catch up on your missed television shows or emails while having a manicure or a pedicure. However, if you are looking for a tranquil setting that allows you to be submerged in peace and relaxation, The Shoreditch Spa offers a quiet zone on its lower floor.


There are a range of treatments available, whether you want a pop-in service or a full day’s relaxation and prices vary depending on the amount of time you want to indulge for. However you choose, you will be completely and utterly relaxed and rested.


The Shoreditch Spa pride themselves on their exclusive packages; each offer something different to fulfill your needs and wants at the time of booking. Each package includes a massage and either a manicure, pedicure, wrap or facial.

Here are a list of the packages on offer from The Shoreditch Spa:


• Package A = 2 hours and includes a massage, speedy manicure and pedicure.

• Package B = 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes a massage and a speedy dermacalogica facial.
• Package C = 2 hours and includes a dermalogica prescription facial (which is a facial that is customised to your skin’s needs and uses cleansing, steaming exfoliation and acupressure) and a massage.
• Package D = 1 hour and 30 minutes and includes a glorious full body massage and a body wrap.
• Package E = 2 hours and includes a body wrap/scrub and and extended body massage.
• Package F = 2 hours and 30 minutes and a body scrub, a full body massage and a dermalogica prescription facial.


These are just a minute variety of what spa treatments Shoreditch has to offer. From a rustic home setting to a social gathering to a quiet haven, Shoreditch really does have it all.