Spring 2017: Art events in the city of London


There are lots of great events all across the Big Smoke throughout spring, particularly in the city of London, which has its own calendar of goings on over the year.

Although you may not realise it, there is actually a big difference between London and the city of, as the latter is a city and county within the capital itself. Originally, this area constituted most of London up until the middle ages when it expanded beyond its borders.

It may only be a tiny metropolis but it still remains an important part of the city and should definitely be a part of your holiday itinerary on any London weekend break.

As we mentioned, when it comes to spring this year, the city of London has lots of great things to see and do, and we’ve brought together a small list of just some of the things that you can get up to.

Echoes across the century

Why not start off your trip with a look back in time at the Guildhall Art Gallery and the Echoes Across the Century exhibition?


This collection will be featuring in the gallery from the end of March right up to 16th July, where it will depict the sacrifices that were made in the First World War on the front line and at home in Britain.

Evoking a lot of sentiment and emotion around the time, the Guildhall explores personal stories of people who were involved in the war, who go into detail about being away from their loved ones and their struggle to keep fighting.

Echoes also features the work of 240 students who explore the impact of the war in this exhibition. There will also be lunchtime artist talks, with Jane Churchill, who is the head of this particular collection, on various dates throughout spring.

Swans, gloves, roses and picnics

You’ll need to be quick to catch this photography exhibition at Tower Bridge, as it closes on 31st March having run since November last year.

Swans, Gloves, Roses and Pancakes is a showcase of the work by acclaimed British photographer Martin Parr who captures normally unseen images of the processions, banquets and high-profile public occasions that take place within the city walls.


You can see behind-the-scenes images of the City of London’s annual pancake race and the Gloves Ceremony, which is hosted by The Worshipful Company of Glovers at the Royal Courts of Justice and the Rose Ceremony held by members of The Company of Watermen and Lightermen.  

The collection overall gives you a visual account of modern London in terms of the people who work in the juxtaposition of a contemporary society and an ancient tradition.

Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market, is a touch of class, being a beautiful covered space in the City of London that sits beneath an elegant Victorian roof.


You’ll find upmarket stalls, restaurants, shops and pubs for you to enjoy at your leisure with friends and family. A great perk of this market is that all of the public areas are accessible, which makes it easy to get around.

The market hosts a huge array of events through the year: in spring, you can enjoy Sculpture in the City, which sees a number of statues dotted around the area. Follow the art trail to see all of them and appreciate their beauty and the skill it took to make them.