Street Art in Shoreditch – Where to See the Best this Month

Street Art

In terms of street art, Shoreditch is probably the best place in London to see stunning works from newcomers and established scions of the scene. Because of its inviting and creative atmosphere, Shoreditch has become a repository for artists of all stripes, with many taking their skills to the walls and doorways around the borough.

A diverse range of street artists from around the world come to Shoreditch to add to the already vibrant arts scene, often leaving their mark. And it’s all within easy reach of your room at M by Montcalm Shoreditch. With this in mind, let’s dive in and look at where you can find the best street art in Shoreditch.

Rivington Street

If you’re going to start your street art adventure somewhere, it may as well be Rivington Street.

This street is home to not one, but two Banksy pieces, both of which are protected. The first, and most well-known, is located in the back yard of the Cargo Club, with another Banksy piece just adjacent.

But it’s not all about Banksy. There are plenty of other artists who have left their mark on the area, with some truly stunning work on display. It’s worth simply exploring and seeing what you can find, and, after all that walking, you can get some respite at the Montcalm Shoreditch Spa.

Princelet Street

Only a short hop from your room at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch, Princelet Street is awash with street art.

Perhaps the best-known artist who has left his mark is ‘Stik’, who has graffiti pieces all around the world, with two of them right on Princelet Street. Look out for the artist’s work in two doorways that sit side by side. Stik truly is a talented artist and his work – often done under trying circumstances and as quickly as possible – is more than worth checking out.

Beautiful Crime

Bringing urban art into a gallery setting, Beautiful Crime is a great repository for street art and reflects the broad range of styles often employed by artists. Very close to M by Montcalm Shoreditch, you won’t have to travel far to see some amazing pieces on show.

This isn’t just about graffiti, though, with all manner of artworks and pieces being displayed, from prints to full-scale works of art. Beautiful Crime is great place to see the beauty of street art when it is taken off the street. It makes the point that art is art, no matter where it resides, and that’s a great outlook to have.

If you fancy a souvenir, Beautiful Crime also sells prints of various works.

Pure Evil Gallery

Whilst not technically street art, the gallery of Charles Edwards – who goes by the moniker Pure Evil, hence the name of the space – is a great example of outsider art.

Pure Evil Gallery displays a raft of works by this noted artist, and the place has a stripped-back aesthetic and feels as much like a working studio as it does a gallery. It’s not the most glamorous gallery in the world, but it is immensely interesting and the work on show is stellar.