Take a tour around Silicon Roundabout


The digital industry in London’s Silicon Roundabout is striking out as a huge market, on a regional, national and even global scale it’s becoming widely recognised as one of the best places for both fledgling and established businesses.

Purely by looking at the area, it probably seems rather unimposing standing as a roundabout in the East end of the city. But it’s here that Silicon Roundabout – also known as Tech City – found its home and now it’s the world’s third-biggest startup tech cluster after New York City and San Francisco.

According to Insider London, nearly five times as many new businesses launched in Tech City than in Canary Wharf in 2015 and it looks as though even more may have set up shop in the area in 2016.


The main issue with Tech City is that it’s becoming increasingly popular, which is a good thing but there is only a finite amount of space for people to be able to open their businesses.

Some notable new additions that have opened office spaces and even whole buildings in Silicon Roundabout include Zoopla, ASOS, Moo, Spotify and more.

We recommend that you go to explore the area and there’s no better way to do this than with a tour.

London’s Silicon Roundabout – Shoreditch Walking Tour

There are lots of walking tours available in London and they really are one of the best ways to appreciate the city at its best.

You can do the same with a walking tour around Silicon Roundabout, which will start you off at Shoreditch Grind, so you can get your morning fix of coffee. It will also demonstrate perfectly how diverse an area this part of London is, as this isn’t just a cafe it’s also a recording studio that anyone can book into.

The tour lasts two hours and will take you through Shoreditch, Hoxton and Old Street, pointing out the innovative and vibrant nature of the area along the way.

Not only this but you’ll get to learn some of the history about how Silicon Roundabout came to be what it is today. Working your way around small, creative and pop-up spaces you’ll hear about how this digital hub has earned global status as one of the best places for bright and technical minds.

Silicon Roundabout is also extremely close to our M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel, which is one of the biggest hotels near Shoreditch proper.

Secrets from the tour

Some secrets of Tech City that you can ask more about when you get to the tour include, finding out why one massive tech business chose London’s Silicon Roundabout as its base instead of Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

You’ll learn about the unique relationship between the area’s tech companies and its artists and musicians, and how they all function so well together.

Other tidbits you’ll pick up include investigating what Silicon Roundabout has in common with a coral reef and why people continue to keep commuting here every day from farther and farther away, even though they have the option to work remotely from home.

While you’re here, you’ll also have the chance to scope out some other activities to do, like enjoy a street art tour, go to a gallery or grab some lunch in some of the hippest places in Shoreditch.

Silicon Roundabout is where academic minds come to life, which you’ll see for yourself when you come to discover the East end of London.