Take a weekend break to cycle in Europe


Staying in a metropolis like London is both physically and mentally taxing for even the most relaxed and laid back of individuals! In such a situation, taking a break is always a good option as it helps to rejuvenate and reenergise one’s batteries. A good way to de-stress is taking a fall break, which is the ideal time of the year to set out on a short cycling trip.

Most of those staying in the city generally enjoy taking a London weekend break, which provides a brief respite from their hectic schedules at home. Cycling is an excellent way to spend the weekend and there are quite a few great places within Europe which make for fine destinations for a London weekend break. Some of these places are:

Hvar Island: It is truly one of the most spectacular places to take a cycling trip at with challenging climbs amidst stunning scenery. There is a great view of the coast with calm weather in the fall season and long empty roads perfect for cycling. Along the way you could stop to enjoy the beautiful landscape while titillating your taste-buds with a lovely meal of Adriatic fish or any other seafood.

Slovenia Mountains: Truly idyllic with beautiful verdant mountain villages, crystal clear water, and roads that only meant for cycling. Slovenia is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in Europe and is often referred to as the “new Tuscany”. It is well known among travellers for its old fashioned wine making traditions, and lush green rolling terrain. The fact is cycling in this environment is truly a therapeutic experience in every sense and you could engage the services of a local guide who will educate you about the rich and charming history of the place.

The Dordogne: If you plan to go cycling, then the neighbouring country of France would be just perfect with a bicycle tour along the River Dordogne that lies in Southern France being an unforgettable experience. There are loads of places to see all along the way. You could visit the caves that date back before any recorded history in Montignac or the imposing fortress at Beynac.Then there is Castelnaud, a castle which was built a century ago that lies across the river with another attraction being Rocamadourthat is precariously built along the side of a large ravine. There are some steep climbs but once you are on top the view is absolutely magnificent. In terms of food the area is well known for its delectable foiegras, crackling walnuts and exceptional wines.

The Danube Bike Trail: If you feel really adventurous, then the Danube Bike Trail which begins in the Black Forest of Germany is the place to cycle in which will take you through Budapest and finally end at the Black Sea. One of the most fascinating segments lies in Austria which actually starts in Passau, Germany that lies on the border and continues for 326 km (202 miles) right to Vienna. You will find the route is paved with plenty of signs and direction indicators along the entire trail, which makes it one of the best bicycle trails. The entire route lies along quiet roads with most of the terrain being flat or gently rolling. If you want to rent a bicycle you could so at the Passau train station itself.

You will find a wide variety of hotels and if camping is what you enjoy, there are campgrounds commonly used by cyclists. You can catch any of the many ferries that will take you across the Danube and there are even restaurants that cater especially to cyclists. Some of the other highlights in the area are the river boats rides on the blue Danube, the famed cathedral that lies in Passau with the largest music organ and the Melk Benedictine Abbey. You will also find the Wachau wine region here and then there is marvellous Vienna with its breathtaking architecture, including the Schonbrunn Palace and much more.

Burgundy and Piedmont: France is a paradise for cyclists and for avid wine enthusiasts who will love cycling in the wine regions of Burgundy and Piedmont. Besides the beautiful landscape, if you are there in the harvest season you could receive an education in the fine art of winemaking. An added bonus would be the wonderful wine tasting sessions and enjoying other local delights. You could choose between either exploring the wine region of Burgundy or enjoying the sights of Piedmont.

Corsica:The place is sheer magic with its awesome views and roads that are just built for cycling. It is extremely popular with tourists who come to enjoy its magnificent scenery as well as cyclists who find it a wonderful place to ride in. Life on the island is really calm and relaxing (a far cry from city life) although you will find the cycling trails to be challenging and exciting. There are stunning rocky cliffs and winding mountain roads where you can spend a long time cycling, without actually seeing any form of mechanised transport. It is a veritable Mediterranean paradise!