The women who represent Silicon Roundabout 2016


Women of Silicon Roundabout was set up to help support and develop the future of women in the technology industry.

It aims to inspire and connect women who work in what can be a largely male-dominated area of the job sector, but thanks to things like Women of Silicon Roundabout and the opportunities of the job market, this is slowly becoming a fallacy.

This year’s conference event, which will take place in London in October, creates a space where young women who are getting started in the tech industry can listen to and learn from stories and experiences from successful women – and men – who work in tech.

By attending, people – women – will be gaining practical knowledge and capabilities through in-depth workshops designed to advance and develop their software skills, among other things.

If nothing else, the events that are the focus of these conferences are unparalleled networking opportunities, which is important for just about any sector.

London is of course, becoming inherently famous for its technology industry, particular regarding start-up businesses that are flourishing in the Shoreditch area of the city.

There are so many young companies finding their feet and becoming a success in this borough of the capital, and many of them are run by teams of people in their early twenties, including many women.

Events across the Silicon Roundabout weekend, are about helping to encourage this process and showcasing that London is a forward-thinking city when it comes to this industry.

Anyone can attend this event, but it’s going to be particularly good for people who feel like they’re going to really respond to the experience and get something from it to help their career.

The events themselves

Speaking at the conference are 50 different successful leaders in the tech industry, a couple of these people will also be running one of the eight essential workshops.

There will also be over 450 industry-leading participants in the various events and talks and/or discussions, and the people who attend will be representatives from over 175 different companies.

Although there isn’t a specific agenda in place for Women of Silicon Roundabout this year, the website has announced information on the different sessions.

These include: women in tech leadership, female founders, bridging the gender gap, inspiring the next generation of girls in the tech sector and non-technical women in tech.

You’ll also be able to attend what the conference is calling Deep Dive Topics, which will cover a range of subjects, including software development, data science, infrastructure, HR strategies and building dynamic, creative and collaborative cultures in a tech company.

Each one of these talks and topics is entirely unique and will either present some useful information or techniques that you’ll be able to take away with you and use to help the day-to-day working of your tech career or company.

We have already gone through several reasons why it will be worth your while attending this conference, but it’s also worth mentioning that it’s rated as being “Excellent” by 91 per cent of the attendees who have gone to the previous ones.

The format of the conference allows attendees to return to the office full of ideas, feeling inspired after having experienced a day of action-packed content, conversation and insight.

People who are running the different talks and events are hoping to give women in the tech industry a voice to take on any issues they might have. The speakers will also encourage organisations not to forget how important it can be to not only acquire female staff, but also to retain and develop them.


If you’re from out of town and you’re going to be going to the event, then you’ll need somewhere to stay.

We recommend the M by Montcalm Shoreditch, which is right in the centre of tech city, so you can check out some of the businesses that are nearby.

It can be a great scouting exercise to stay in this part of London too, if it’s the technology industry that you’re working in, because of all the extra networking opportunities.

For example, it’s likely that a lot of other people who are going to Women of Silicon Roundabout 2016 are going to be staying nearby, if not in this very hotel themselves.

The hotel itself is high-end and modern and is situated three-minute’s walk from Old Street tube station, just a few steps from thriving Shoreditch.

As this is a business event, you can take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service that we run for corporate guests. Travel in style from and to any of the city’s transport hubs, so you aren’t late for a meeting, or after-dinner networking drinks.

Being in the middle of Tech City, the hotel is completely connected and wired up, but if you need some privacy, we are pleased to offer you dedicated workspaces that are quiet so you can get everything done without interruption.