Things to do and Enjoy for Free in London


It is a known fact that London is indeed quite expensive. This is true to a great extent but that does not restrict you to travel to the city on limited financial resources or on a budget. There are hundreds of thousands of backpackerswho make a trip to the city every year and have a wonderful stay here. How do they do it?

By economising and cutting corners where it is needed to. There are a lot of low cost options to choose from in the city, whether it is in terms of accommodation or visiting tourist attractions or even having your meals. There are a wide variety of options to choose from which include visiting museums, parks, tourist attractions and lots more all for a minimal fee or even free at times.

It may seem a bit too good to be true, but fortunately it holds true and that is what makes London one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. From finding suitable accommodation at budget hotels or even striking some good deals and promotional offers at luxury hotels everything is possible in London. If you really want to score some of the best deals then the ideal time to travel to the city would be in tourist off-season, when occupancy rates in hotel are low and as a consequence they offer some of the best deals. You could also opt for a combined travel package that includes airfare, hotel accommodation and even travel to and from the airport. Once in the city, there are loads of free things to do and keep yourself occupied, while enjoying a wonderful holiday in the city such as:

1)Visit the Museums: One of the best decisions made the British government was to allow free access to the general public. This was an extremely popular decision and boosted visitor numbers immensely.


This is applicable to all public museums with some of the finest collections of art and history being available for all to see. You could choose from a wide range of historical venues to visit, which include the Tate Modern with its avant-garde art to the fabulous prehistoric collections of dinosaurs and other creatures at the Natural History Museum.

2) Visita Park: Despite being an extremely busy and heavily populated and as some describe at times a congested city;the city has an amazing number of large green open spaces. In fact when you are at one of the parks that lie in the centre of London,you will feel as though you are transported away from the hustle and bustle to a serene and calm oasis, amidst the concrete jungle that surrounds the city. These parks have even been described as the city’s lungs. Right within Central London you will find Hyde Park which is the crown jewel of the natural parks in London and if you want to move further away from the hubbub of the city, you could choose between Richmond, Greenwich and Hampstead Heath.

3) Have a Free Breakfast: Chances are if you have chosen a London hostel, your room rate will probably include a free morning breakfast. It will help you to start the day on a full stomach and build up your energy levels besides it could also help on cutting expenses for buying food when you are out in the city.

4)Take a tour of the Markets: If you have a thing for browsing market displays London is the perfect city to be in. You could choose between a wide variety of markets, from the trendy stalls of Portobello to the regular fare of Camden. You will find that the city’s markets cover just about everything. If you have a fancy for flowers then a visit to the Columbia Road Flower Market on Sundays, would leave you spellbound for sure.

5) Strollalong the Southbank: If you take a tour of London’s Southbank, especially on weekends you will come across a most diverse assortment of street performers along with book markets, and knick-knacks all at a very reasonable price. You will come across people headed to a play at the Globe or to catch a movie at the National Film Theatre. You could settle down on a public bench and enjoy the view around.


6) Fancy some Friday Night Skating: On Friday nights you will generally find a group of skaters zooming and zipping down the streets and alleys of London. Of course this is not for one who lacks the spirit of adventure and you will also need to make arrangements for your own footwear. If you like thrills and are prepared for a few spills in the bargain, the Friday Night Skate is something you must be part of.

7) Tour the homes of historical figures: British history is replete with great men and women, who at one time made the country the most powerful nation in the world and it is these historical figures that are the true heroes of Great Britain. The houses of such great iconic figures are marked with special blue plaques,upon which you will find brief details of their life and contribution to the nation. They are a great way to learn about the history that shaped modern UK.

8) Westminster Abbey:The name itself sounds grandiose and the absolutely stunning edifice of Westminster Abbey does justice to its name. It lies in the heart of London and is one of the most iconic of London landmarks and the good news is, admission is absolutely free of cost.

A magnificent piece of architecture built in true Gothic style;it has been the coronation site of British monarchs for hundreds of years.