Things to do near Spitalfields


There are so many different areas and districts in London, each full of history and culture. From the lively nightlife of the West End to the professional modernism of London City, there’s so much diversity to be found in Britain’s capital.

Some areas, like Spitalfields, pull together all the best bits from several different districts. It borders the City of London and the East End, making it a mixing pot of different cultures and styles. If you’re staying at one of our hotels near Shoreditch High Street, then this helpful guide will give you more information on things to do in the vibrant area of Spitalfields.

Old Spitalfields Market

The area is full of local markets and stalls selling all sorts of handmade and boutique goods. Old Spitalfields Market in London is a great example of the diversity that Britain’s capital has to offer when it comes to shopping. The lively marketplace is home to hundreds of stalls, selling everything from handcrafted homeware to vintage clothing and used books. The recent refurbishment of the local area saw the market get a huge upgrade, which means that shoppers can now browse an even bigger selection of stalls.


Sundays draw in a lot more merchants, making it the best day for you to visit. But be sure to get there early if you want to get the best bargains, because it can get very busy.

Street Art Tours

Ever since the rise of Banksy, street painting has become a recognised and respected art form. London’s buildings and backstreets have provided a canvas to some of the finest street artists in the world. Spitalfields is home to some of these artists, whose work can be seen dotted around the area. If you want to see the best underground artwork that the town has to offer, take a street art tour. The local guides know all the best spots to see some spray paint masterpieces. If you’re a fan of street art, then this is a great opportunity to see the rich culture behind London’s urban art scene.

Dennis Servers’ House

If you really want to experience the cultural history of the Spitalfields area, this unique attraction is the best way to do it. The original Huguenot house has been refurbished to create a time capsule of life in Spitalfields throughout history. Make your way through the building’s ten rooms as you’re taken on an immersive tour. The tour involves a unique and interactive form of theatre performance, which brings the house to life. The cellar, kitchen, smoking room and bedrooms are all set up to create a timeline of Spitalfields between 1724 and 1914. This unique learning experience will take you on a journey back in time, giving you the opportunity to learn more about one of London’s most vibrant areas.

However long you have to explore Shoreditch, this handy guide will help you make the most of your time in town. Enjoy!