Things to do in Brixton


Culture is something that London has a lot of and Brixton in particular has a rich history of cultural diversity and social progression. For decades, the area has been a breeding ground for alternative movements and artistic development.

If you’re heading to London you won’t want to miss out on a trip to Brixton, especially if you’re looking to experience the type of vibrant community and cultural creativity that London is famous for. Make sure you have a memorable trip and keep an eye out for some of these amazing places while you’re exploring East London.

Black Cultural Archives

Ever since the first wave of African and Caribbean settlers made their home in Brixton, following the Second World War, the area has developed a strong a vibrant black community. The influence of these rich cultures on the community has helped some of the best UK artists, musicians and performers to rise from rags to riches. Learn about the history of Brixton’s black community and how it has enriched London over the years. The archive features historic documents and exhibitions that explore the deep-rooted culture of Brixton. You will find it on Windrush Square, just a short way from the Montcalm Hotel in Shoreditch Tech City London.

Hootananny and Effra Social

One of the go-to spots in Brixton if you’re looking to cut loose and party into the night is Effra Road. The local strip is where you’ll find two of the best clubs in town. The Hootananny dance club regularly hosts live roots and reggae acts, making it a perfect place to have some fun and dance along after a stressful day. The Effra Social is a local hotspot for stand-up comedians and you can often see some of the local area’s best funny men and women lighting up audiences with their jokes.

Brixton Market

You’ll struggle to find a marketplace quite as vibrant and diverse as the Brixton Village Market. The old arcade has been transformed into a paradise for local traders and shoppers. Stroll through the indoor market to browse hundreds of stalls where you’ll find everything from vintage hats to urban artwork. The market is in the heart of Brixton, on the famous Electric Avenue, which is easy enough to find if you’re exploring East London.


Fans of fiction and biography buffs will love this quaint second-hand book shop located on the bustling Coldharbour Lane. The shop is a treasure trove of classic titles featuring all kinds of genre, from cook books to adventure novels. Take a stroll to this friendly little shop and spend the afternoon rifling through the shelves and crates in search of a new addition to your collection.

Brockwell Park

Sometimes the bustling streets of Brixton can get a little overwhelming so it can be nice to escape the busy crowds and relax for an afternoon in the sun. The park’s flower gardens and ponds provide you with a beautiful photo opportunity and a place to de-stress. Head over to the gorgeous Brockwell Park on Norwood Road and spend the day bathing in the sun or playing a game of football with friends and family.