Things to do near Shoreditch High Street Station


If you’re new to Shoreditch, then we would suggest that you start your day or night out from Shoreditch High Street Station. This is largely because it’s easy to get to, as it’s served by mainline and Tube services, while there are also lots of great things to do near the station and it’s a good spot to meet up with friends.

When it comes to choosing something to do when you’re in Shoreditch, you’re literally spoilt for choice – you have it all at your fingertips and underneath your feet.

What’s great is that as well as having your choice of bars, restaurants and cafes to go to, you can also go on one of the many walking tours to get to know the area as well as possible during your visit.

If you’re looking for something interesting or different to do when you’re in Shoreditch and near the station, we’ve pulled together a list of some activities for you to do and have a great time.

Walk Eat Talk Eat

Walk Eat Talk Eat is an alternative walking and food tour. There are several different ones throughout the city, but the best one is definitely the tour in Shoreditch.


It will take you through all the places that the guidebooks won’t and don’t know about and you’ll get to share food with the people on your tour and that local Londoners love. What’s even nicer is that you’ll get to learn some of the fascinating history of the city and its cuisine – what a delicious way to get an education!

You won’t be going to any tourist hotspots on this tour, instead you’ll experience places that have personality and excellent food and drinks.

Boxpark Shoreditch

If you want to go somewhere really interesting, look no further than Boxpark Shoreditch, which is the world’s first pop-up mall. Aesthetically, it looks simply like a bunch of massive shipping containers, but what you’ll find inside the doors is a great mix of street food, shopping and amazing local and global sellers.


The best thing for sellers is that Boxpark offers people who want to open businesses an affordable and flexible lease, whether they want to start a lifestyle brand or open a restaurant or a gallery.

Boxpark Shoreditch is the original site and opened its doors in 2011. Having found brilliant success, the creators opened another Boxpark in Croydon, which is great for live events, as well as everything that makes the original so appealing.

Howard Griffin Gallery

Consider yourself something of an artistic and cultural type? You’re in luck, because Shoreditch is home to lots of quirky independent galleries, including the Howard Griffin Gallery.

This particular gallery is twinned with another one that’s in Los Angeles, which means that there’s exhibitions that represent artists from all over the world. The main focus of course in the London gallery is to showcase the flourishing talent of up and coming artists in the UK and specifically London. However, there is a huge variety of exhibitions and shows for you to enjoy and you’ll never see exactly the same thing in this space.

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of a print if you see something that you like in particular and keep an eye on the events that they run – you’ll have a great time.

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