Three London Sights You Can Reach with Ease from M By Montcalm

London Sights

While Shoreditch is rich with things to see and do, sometimes you want the full tourist experience. And that means getting out there and seeing some sights.

And, happily, you’re in the perfect position to do just that from your central location at M By Montcalm London City. While London has more sights than anyone could cover in a single visit, we’ve put together a rundown of three sights you can get to with minimal hassle, and that’s always a bonus when you’re moving around London. Every sight we’ve included won’t take you more than twenty or so minutes – or less – to get to, so let’s dive in!

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s is one of the most iconic parts of the London skyline, and it’s only a short hop from M By Montcalm London City. The Tube will take you straight from Old Street to St Paul’s, making the journey a no-hassle breeze.

And once you get there, it’s likely you’ll find yourself bowled over by the sheer scale and beauty of the cathedral and its attendant gardens. The St Paul’s you see today is the structure built following the Great Fire, dating back to 1697, with its beautiful architecture a hallmark of the classical architectural influences of the day. Even now, St Paul’s remains the second largest cathedral in Britain, topped only by Liverpool’s Catholic cathedral.

St Paul’s truly is one of the defining landmarks of London and, if you require some rest and relaxation after your visit, you’re only a quick journey from Beauty and Melody Spa at M By Montcalm.

Museum of London

One of the main reasons to visit the Museum of London is the sheer amount of different exhibitions, displays and artefacts on offer. Rather than focusing on one particular period, the Museum of London does a fantastic job of covering the entirety of London’s history.

And that means you can gain amazing insight into the London that existed a hundred years, five hundred years ago and even further back. Current exhibitions include the well-reviewed ‘London Nights’, telling the photographic story of London’s nightlife and ‘Roman London’, which brings some ancient artefacts up from the vaults.

Old Spitalfields Market

The great thing about London is that some of the sights aren’t in museums or inert monuments – they’re real, live things you can still see and experience. And that’s just the category that Old Spitalfields Market falls into, without a doubt. 

The market is close to Shoreditch High Street, making it a snap to get to, and you’ll be delighted you made the short journey. For more than 350 years, the market has been a hive of activity for traders from across London. While once it was more focused on food, homewares and everyday items, today’s Spitalfields Market is more about retro, cool offerings like vinyl, vintage clothes, books and more. If you want to experience a living, breathing London sight, you need to visit Old Spitalfields Market.