Three Ways to Spend Your Evening In Shoreditch If You’re Not The Clubbing Type

Shoreditch Evening

While Shoreditch is full of bars and clubs, the clubbing scene isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just want to enjoy an evening that’s a little more relaxed, but still take in what the Shoreditch area has to offer.

We know that clubbing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of three things to do that are close by to M by Montcalm, and that still gives you a sample of the unique, quirky flavour of Shoreditch. So, let’s dive in!

Swingers Crazy Golf Club

You might think of crazy golf and remember long-ago family holidays, but Swingers Crazy Golf is something utterly different from any crazy golf experience you’ve had before.

The focus here is on providing an entirely Shoreditch-esque experience of crazy golf, providing a vast indoor space lovingly crafted into a retro British country experience. You’ll find an abundance of retro style at Swingers, making it an awesome place to spend an evening putting your way – hopefully – to victory.

Swingers features two 9-hole courses, both with unique challenges, and it’s a great place to sample the different outlook of Shoreditch. Swingers Crazy Golf Club is the ideal evening out for anyone wanting to eschew the club scene and, best of all, it’s only a short journey from M by Montcalm Spa so you can always grab a relaxing rub down after playing nine holes. 

The Comedy Café Theatre

Providing comedy to the denizens of Shoreditch for over a quarter of a century, The Comedy Café Theatre is a local institution.

It’s not the biggest comedy club in the world, but that just makes for a more intimate experience when taking in the mixture of comedic styles featured on a nightly basis. Despite its size, the venue consistently pulls in rising and established acts to grace the stage, showing that the pedigree and the heritage of the place is held in high-regard by performers. You’re just as likely to find a comedian you’ve seen on TV recently as you are an emerging talent, and that’s part of what makes a visit to The Comedy Café Theatre so enjoyable. Aside from that, the club is only a stone’s throw from M by Montcalm, sitting right on Shoreditch High Street.

All Star Lanes

Open until 12 AM on weeknights and 1 AM on weekends, All Star Lanes is a bowling experience unlike any other you’ll find in London.

The whole place has a strong fifties American retro theme, so you can expect lots of chrome, red leather and great period music. The idea of All Star Lanes is to provide an upmarket, fun experience that is a viable alternative to hitting the bars or clubs on the area – and it’s proven a hugely popular concept.

All Star Lanes is right in the heart of Shoreditch, and it’s the ideal evening activity after grabbing yourself some dinner first at M by Montcalm Bar & Restaurant.

Make the short trip, grab your lane, and you’ll know just what all those people filing into the clubs are missing.