Time to kickstart your summer social life in London


As a young, active and career-minded millennial living in London, it can sometimes seem that everything in your life has to be perfectly organised all the time.

This can be true whether you’re making plans to structure client meetings, take care of everyday life admin or even take control of your love life. Everything can get on top of us quite quickly and before we realise it.

Often, this can take a toll on our social lives and the amount of time that we make sure we take for ourselves. Made in Shoreditch Magazine says that “even social lives get stale”, which means that you can get stuck doing the same things all the time without even realising.

One thing that can make this worse is the weather. During winter it can be hard to convince yourself – and your friends – that going outside is a brilliant idea. This is particularly true when it’s raining or snowing, as no one really wants to trek outside in these sorts of conditions, do they?

However, you might have noticed that we’re starting to get into summer and this means that you can start to blow the dust off your flip flops and get cracking on your summer social life!

Made in Shoreditch Magazine even recommends an app called Thinking Bob, which can help you discover new and exciting things to do in London to give your social habits a bit of a shake-up.

Sometimes, even an overnight stay in a hotel or trip to a spa can help you to break out of your routine. M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel has excellent rooms, restaurants, bars and spa facilities that are guaranteed to have you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to attack the summer.

We’ve outlined some things that might be hemming you in when it comes to enjoying a varied social life, and how you can get around them to make sure you have as much fun as possible.

You always stay in the same part of London

Although London is huge, it’s a well-known fact that whatever area you live in tends to be where you spend most of, if not all of your time.

For example, if you live south-west, you’re more likely to get home and stick to places around there instead of venturing east or going north of the river (Thames) to find things to do.

This is a result of a couple of things, but the main one is usually because people have long commutes when they live in London. The vast majority of people working in London travel into the centre every day to get to their office, but this doesn’t mean that they can afford to live there. In fact, it’s quite this opposite.

Due to this, a daily commute to work can be as much as two hours in and the same amount back out again. So you see, you’re already spending most of your day travelling to and from work, so it can be hard to get yourself out of the habit of getting back to your area of the city as quickly as you possibly can.

Similarly, there are stereotypes for each region of London and each part attracts a degree of tribalism. This means that where you choose to live doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on your taste in houses, but it is instead more about who you’re aspiring to be.

Stop thinking of the west as a Chelsea blonde and the east as a bearded man in a lumberjack shirt and mix it up a bit.

The city has excellent places to go and socialise in every corner! If you’re finding it hard to coax yourself to the other side of town, then get yourself involved with events from the Thinking Bob app, which actively encourage you to do things out of your normal neighbourhood!

Tired of bars?

The London pub is absolutely seen as a British institution they’re welcoming and famous for their ales and heartwarming grub.

In particular, tourists enjoy coming to the city to explore the pub culture and indulge in a plate of fish and chips. Honestly, there are few things more relaxing on a Sunday than having a couple of pints and good conversation in your favourite pub.

However, just going to the pub can become stale quite quickly – which is often the reason why there are also a lot of bars with ridiculous gimmicks these days!

Thinking Bob offers something different with a Japanese QI Party, which involves an evening of engaging and random conversation with fellow thinkers. At first, it might seem like a strange thing to do with your evening, but you’ll get to meet a bunch of new people, learn some interesting facts and do it all over some delicious and authentic Japanese food. One of the best things about this – if you’re sick of being in the pub – is that it’s alcohol free, so your mind will be clear and hangover-free!

Finding it hard to meet people?

Although London is a massive city with millions of people living in it, it can sometimes feel a bit lonely when you’re new to the Big Smoke.

This is a very busy city and its hustle and bustle is famous as a result. However, being part of the fast-paced world  is why so many people move to London and it’s easy to get into a rhythm and meet people.

If you feel like most of the people you meet are work friends, then Thinking Bob can come to the rescue again! Why not give one of their activity socials a go?

You’ll join groups of people who are looking to do something different and make new friends by doing things like its Culture Vulture Hunt in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Not only will you be taking part in something as a group, but you might also be getting to see areas of the city that you’ve never been to before.

This will be especially helpful if you’ve just moved to the city for a new job and don’t know anyone yet. It can seem daunting, but don’t forget that just because Londoners are busy, it doesn’t mean that they’re unfriendly. You’re a Londoner now and most people were new to the city at one point too.

You’d like to do something intelligent with your social time

Naturally there are a vast number of museums, art galleries, theatre shows and libraries in which you can expand your mind but, if you’d like to try something a little more sociable, then try one of Thinking Bob’s brain-centric events.

These allow you to flex your intellectual curiosity through quizzes, pub philosophy or even murder mystery evenings – costumes are absolutely a must for this one! There’s something for everyone to enjoy and as the weather improves, you might find yourself keen to try something new this summer.