Tips on ‘tipping’ in London


Tipping can appear a bit socially awkward thing only if you think that way. There is absolutely no shame in appreciating someone for their work, especially when you have really loved their services and would like to pay them in person a few bucks as a token of your appreciation. It might become an embarrassing situation when you are at the verge of leaving the hotel or restaurant and do not know how much to pay as tip but it is not something which is mandatory. You can ignore the subject if you do not consider the service worthy enough to be tipped.

Tipping is a small gesture of appreciation for services which have been rendered. If the service exceeds one’s expectation even is somewhere above the line can also be considered as tip worthy. If you have been impressed with the service, then you can go ahead and acknowledge the serviceman with some rewards in the form paying something extra. The most important thing to consider over here is that you need to be generous while tipping if you are a regular as then they will be serving you even in a better way and would continue to cater al your requirements quite consistently. These are the additional perks which actually make their day and cheer them up for putting more efforts in whatever service they render.

The hard part is not whether you tip or not, the difficulty lies when you are not being able to decide exactly how much should you offer as a tip. The whole concept of tipping is not as easy as it appears to be. It has an inherent link with the social custom. In some specific countries , people feel insulted when they are offered with a tip for the service provided as they think that they are paid properly and taking extras in person is an extremely insulting matter whereas, there are a plethora of countries where the servicemen feel delighted to get tips. Thereby, tipping is closely connected to certain social norms and varies immensely from one culture to another. Tip can be a reward to someone and can also be an insult to a lifetime’s work. The additional perks often tend to boost up one’s stamina to work more whereas they also make one feel highly insulted. Therefore, before you think of whether to tip or not, consider which place you are in. if that particular culture allows the concept of tipping, then be glad and pay as much as you wish otherwise, enjoy the services and pay according to the bill generated.

It is not always necessary to pay a tip even when you are having dinner in a posh restaurant where you do not find the services to be up to the mark. If you are visiting a country where tipping is considered to be a supplement to an income and still not happy with the services rendered, then feel free to stick to the basic bill and walk away with smartness without paying the highly anticipated (by the service provider) ‘tip’.

There are many things to consider while vacationing in London among which ‘tipping’ is one. It is of utmost important to know the general courtesy which you must follow while you are staying, dining and relaxing in the capital city of London.

If you are looking forward to enjoy every single moment of your holiday in the most exclusive manner, then you must follow some effective tips on tipping while you are in vacationing in none other than but the city of London.


Tipping in Restaurants of the world capital

You must leave 10-15% of the bill when you are having your brunch or dinner at a city restaurant. You do not necessarily have to pay a tip for having fast foods or takeaway meals. Ot s good to pay the tip in cash.

Tipping in City Pubs & Bars

It is not customary to pay a tip when you are having a cup of beer or tasting the wine in a bar or pub. It is your choice whether to pay or not.


Hotel Tipping

London hotels include a service charge which is usually 10-12%. If, after checking the hotel bills thoroughly, you do not find any service charge included, then you can pay a customary tip. For the bellman, room cleaning staff, concierge, etc. you can leave an amount of your choice.


Tipping London Cabdrivers

You may offer 10-15% of the cab fare as a tip to the driver. When you are travelling to the airport for taking the flight, you might need the assistance from the cab driver for taking out the luggage and all, in that case, you can think of tipping him a little extra which can be up to £5.