Top 10 Things To Do Near Shoreditch For Culture Vultures


Shoreditch is one of London’s major cultural centres, having undergone a dramatic transformation over the last couple of decades to become a trendy space filled with an array of stunning sights and attractions. Here’s our pick of the top 10 activities in Shoreditch for visiting culture vultures…

Dennis Severs’ House

Nestled away in residential area, this house provides a wonderful gateway to London’s history. The property has been referred to as a form of still-life, with five-floors of untouched 18th century décor. While staying at one of our boutique hotels in Shoreditch, this is a great way to experience what it would have been like to visit a London home centuries ago.

The Museum of Curiosities

The items stored in this unusual museum are indeed curious, and they are also unique to both London and arguably most of the finds in other UK museums. Here you’ll find everything from occultist artwork to bizarre items such as dodo bones, though there is also an arts space which features more mainstream items.

East End Food Tour

Foodies will love joining one of the Shoreditch-based food tours to be found in the city, hosted by Strawberry Tours and taking you on a journey through not only the tastes of the area but the stories behind them. Visiting restaurants and bars in Shoreditch, you’ll spend about three hours enjoying not only established venues but lesser-known eateries in the district.

Rough Trade East

Music lovers may have heard of Rough Trade, and this independent music store is continuing to buck the trend of increasing online dominance in the world of music, with live performances, signings and the chance to browse plenty of great vinyl.

Street Art Tours

A quick glimpse around Shoreditch and you’ll be confronted with an array of incredible street art. Joining a street art tour will enable you to better discover the artists, culture and stories behind some of these works, including both well known and less established artistic talents.

Boxpark Shoreditch

A unique kind of shopping centre, Boxpark Shoreditch showcases creative talent you can purchase, in a series of converted shipping containers. It’s an impressive sight, and you could even find yourself a distinctive new souvenir during your stay at boutique hotels in Shoreditch.

Rich Mix

Situated on the edge of Shoreditch High Street, Rich Mix provides a range of diverse events and showcases local talent. The venue also includes a bar, making it the ideal space for a night out in the local area.

Old Spitalfields Market

London has plenty of amazing markets, and Old Spitalfields Market is one of the very best. When you stay in Shoreditch, you’ll be close to this London mainstay.

Roman Ruins

Shoreditch is home to part of the remains of London Wall, first built by the Romans. This will prove of particular interest for history buffs.

Cereal Killer Cafe

One of London’s most unusual venues is situated on Brick Lane, and gives patrons the chance to try an array of famous and obscure cereals, with over 120 varieties on offer.