Top 5 secrets of Shoreditch


All over London there are spots that everyone knows, from Kew Gardens to the Tower of London. But there’s also a whole other side to this vibrant city that remains hidden from most people that visit. If you’re staying in the trendy area of Shoreditch, we’ve identified some of the secret spots you should uncover during your trip.

With creative people and hidden nooks around every corner, the location of the M Hotel Shoreditch ensures you’re never at a loss for something to do during your break. Whether you’re keen to find that bar all the locals head to or you’re searching for some historical intrigue, you’ll be in the right place to add something different to you London break.

1. Order a drink at a secret bar

Secret bars have become a huge trend across the UK, but Shoreditch has more than its fair share of hidden watering holes. If you love the retro vibe, be sure to visit Callooh Callay on Rivington Street for delicious cocktails, you can even find a secret room behind a wardrobe. Another option is the Worship Street Whistling Shop. Taking inspiration from Victorian times, it has a dark and mysterious atmosphere for when you’re looking for something off the wall.


2. Sample a cuisine delight at a hidden eatery

When you’re out exploring from you base at M Hotel Shoreditch, you won’t go hungry as you work up an appetite on the streets of Shoreditch. As the area has become known for its art scene and innovation, creative eateries have been springing up on the streets. If you’re a foodie, Indian restaurant Dishoom and Death by Burrito are just two of the little-known places to consider when you need to refuel.

3. Take in some music at a local venue

There are world famous music venues across London but there are some excellent event venues in Shoreditch that should be enjoyed too. They might not feature in the top tourist guides, but these venues are perfect for adding a fun atmosphere to your evenings. The Old Blue Last is a favourite among locals thanks to its well-stocked bar and range of events, while the Queen of Hoxton perfectly captures the creativity that Shoreditch has become known for.


4. Browse one of the little-known boutiques

Shoreditch has become famous for being a unique shopping destination with locals and tourists alike. The streets of the creative hub are packed with stores selling unusual items but head off the beaten track and you can uncover some of the best hidden gems in the city. Celestine Eleven offers on-trend fashion, AIDA has a made to measure service that fashionistas will love, and Goodhood has a huge range of grunge brands to search through.

5. Explore Dennis Severs’ House

This venue is completely unique. It was created as a ‘still life drama’ by the previous owner Dennis Sever designed to give an intimate portrait of a Huguenot silk weaving family. Here, you follow the fortunes of the family from 1724 to the turn of the 20th century, taking you back to each period through sights, smells, and sounds. It’s an entirely different experience to your usual museum, acting as a time capsule, and well worth a visit.