Top 6 trends of millennial travellers


Millennials are widely known for influencing all consumer markets and this is particularly true regarding the travel industry.

There are many reasons for this and it’s due in part to the fact that millennials love to have experiences. Rather than spending their money on things and objects, they would rather have an enriching holiday and go on a voyage of discovery to make memories that they’ll have for the rest of their lives.

Often, this is why you won’t see millennials going on standard package holidays, preferring instead to go driving around the coastal regions of different areas and trying to assimilate into the local culture – wherever they are.


M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel is perfect for such millennials, as it’s a modern space right in the middle of the digital hub of the Big Smoke.

We’ve outlined the top six trends that identify millennial travellers – maybe you have some of these yourself!

1. Instantaneous natures and flexibility of service

Often, millennials are referred to as the ‘now generation’, simply because the majority of them have grown up in an age where they don’t have to wait long for something they want.

These are not people who have had to literally wait by the phone for someone to call them or to go on a long search for something they need. Instead, almost anything they could possibly want is at the touch of their fingers.

When it comes to travel, millennials want the best they can get for a price that is right and they’re also big fans of having personalised experiences, which is why flexibility of service is so important.

2. Real-time information

This feeds back to our previous point, where we stated that millennials haven’t had to hunt for the information they need and they really don’t like to have to do this if at all possible.

As a result, real-time updates and information about flights, transfers and accommodation are extremely important to these consumers.

3. Peer reviews

Although millennials are loyal to brands they like and will be happy to share positive experiences and information about where they have been, they’re more likely to choose you in the first place via a recommendation from a friend or a peer review.

These people might not be experts, but millennials will still trust someone they know over a company if it guarantees a good time.

4. They’re sociable

The social nature of millennials is perpetuated in both off and online situations. This generation loves to be out and about, and to be seen to be doing fascinating things and having a great time while they do it.


Social media accounts are the best way for them to showcase what they’re doing, which is why hotels should always try to reach this audience on social media platforms – it can be a great way to get first-time or return customers.

5. Different booking structures

As a generation that is becoming increasingly reliant on their mobile devices, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that millennials will prefer to book their holidays, including accommodation, on smartphones or tablets.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your website is completely smartphone and mobile-friendly, otherwise you could be accidentally ridding yourself of millennial custom.

If a smartphone version of your website isn’t possible, lots of places now have their own Apps to make booking much easier – all it takes is a few touches on their screen and they’re done. One of the best things about this type of software is that it can also incorporate check-in and check-out, making things easier for both the customer and the hotel staff during busy times.

6. Millennial business travellers

As we mentioned, the current generation are all about their mobile and digital technology and none are more so than millennial business travellers.

It’s true that not all travellers will be on a corporate trip for digital or tech reasons, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have a bunch of equipment with them to make a presentation or demonstration.

On top of this, they’re still going to have all their own everyday gear, so you need to make sure your hotel is adequately equipped. M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel rooms have plenty of sockets, desk space for working and iPad docks, so business travellers can charge their devices or watch/listen to media.

Not only this, but our event and meeting spaces are decked out with up-to-date presentation equipment, so you can carry out your corporate work with ease and also with style.

For more information on M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel, including our accommodation and meeting room spaces, contact us now.