Top 9 unexpected habits of millennials travellers


Millennials are among the most frequent travellers of this age, this is for two main reasons: because they tend to be high earners who have a penchant for turning business trips into holidays and they are also big fans of travelling far afield for great experiences.

It’s little wonder that hotels are fighting over themselves to win the loyalty of this generation because these people are always looking for great bargains and there are lots of ways for them to get their message across to millennials.

Some hotels don’t have to spend all their time vying for business from millennials though because they are blessed with great location and services that appeal to this market.

M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel is one such place that is in a great part of London, as it’s right in the middle of the technological hub in the Big Smoke, which is home to lots of startups run by millennials.

We’ve pulled together a list of 9 unexpected habits of millennial travellers that we find particularly interesting.

1. Image is important

According to research from Hotel Marketing, 27 per cent of millennials have stayed in a particular hotel in order to impress their friends or someone important.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have stayed somewhere expensive, instead it’s more likely that they will have put their head down in a place that’s interesting. This could be anything from a hotel that has a quirky appearance, is in an odd location or has lots of odd amenities.

2. Living for experiences

It seems that most millennials would prefer to have experiences, rather than spend their money on things.

As such, they’re much more keen to head off on the holiday of a lifetime – a trip around the world instead of put money aside to buy a house.

3. Food and drinks

Due to their penchant for having experiences, holidays are an excuse to enjoy something different and far afield, which usually includes eating and drinking.


In fact, 79 per cent of millennials admit that they tend to be much more adventurous about the cuisine they want to try when they’re on holiday.

4. Travel methods

It seems that most millennials prefer to use reviews and ratings websites to help them decide where they should take their next amazing holiday.

5. Rewards programs

Rewards programmes are a great way to get millennial travellers on board and also to retain their business. These make existing customers in particular feel valued, as new customers are usually too often catered for.

These are commonly occurring programs that are a good incentive for all kinds of travellers to maintain a loyalty with a particular travel brand and they’re something that millennials are coming to expect from all kinds of companies.

6. Experience

Although millennials are known to be very driven regarding their careers and look to progress as often as they can, they’re also very ambitious when it comes to their travel experiences.

In fact, 12 per cent of millennials have quit a job they are unhappy with in order to go on a life-changing holiday. This is because they have a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality that helps them to dictate what is most important to them at any given time.

7. Freebies are always welcome

Everyone enjoys freebies but the nature of these is what is most important to millennials, as they have to enhance something they’re already doing or present a new opportunity.

When it comes to staying in hotels or taking flights, millennials are always charmed by upgrades – whether this is seating or to a better room. Similarly, a warm cookie waiting for them in their hotel room when they arrive is a great way to welcome someone for their stay.

These kinds of things are going to go a long way with millennials, rather than the likes of loyalty or reward points.

8. Comfort is king

It might sound surprising but comfortable beds are really important to the millennial traveller, particularly if they’re on a holiday that is both for business and for leisure.

What might be even more surprising is that this might be one of the main reasons why someone recommends your hotel to a friend – so it’s worth bearing in mind.

9. Germs are everywhere and they know it

Thanks to mass media, millennials are often known as something of a germaphobe generation and are more discerning than most other people when it comes to choosing a clean hotel room.

Most of this generation are even keen on carrying around hand sanitizer so they don’t catch any illnesses when they’re in a new place.

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