Top hipster places to visit in London


Although you might not class yourself as a hipster – or even as a millennial – there’s no doubting that there are some things about the culture that hipsters help to create that are actually quite fun.

Let’s be honest, the beers and cocktails are pretty tasty at least and although some places can get a little carried away with their unusual flatware, doing hipster things in hipsters bars is fun from time to time. We all deserve a little bit of indulgence, so why not do so in an exciting and vibrant city, which also happens to have lots of hipster hangouts?

There are lots of different places for you to go to, whether you enjoy a freakshake or an old fashioned served to you by a fellow with a fetching beard or a round of crazy golf in a warehouse. Whatever the case, you’d better believe that there is some delicious – and potentially overpriced – street food in store for you.

We’ve collected a list of some of the different hipster hangouts that we think you’d enjoy, whether you’re a fully-fledged flat white convert or are just curious about how these quirky folk live their lives. We think that you’re sure to enjoy yourself and discover some fascinating parts of London while you’re at it.

Board games and tea :-



 There are some areas of London that are known for being particularly hipster, largely Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney and it’s in the former that you’ll find some excellent places to eat.

Restaurants in Shoreditch range from cheap and cheerful right up to classy and expensive, however there are lots of places for middle range meals. If you like burgers, we recommend MEATmission, for Thai, it has to be Busaba Eathai Hoxton Square, and for delicious comfort food in the morning and brunch you won’t forget, try The Breakfast Club… not such a secret that the last one on the list would be a hipster hangout!

Boardgames and cups of tea are also high on the list of things that hip folk like to do with their time and for one of the best places to enjoy this relaxing pastime, we recommend the aptly named Draughts in Hackney. There are over 600 boardgames in house, a menu with great meals and snacks and an extensive tea menu – or beer menu if you fancy something stronger.

Crazy junkyard golf :-



In general, crazy golf is now usually referred to as junkyard golf, as you’re more likely to wander around the contents of an abandoned wasteland rather than a set of spinning windmills these days.

You’ll want to stick around Shoreditch and head to Brick Lane for the official Junkyard Golf, which offers four nine-hole crazy golf courses that boast trails around washing machines, oddly shaped holes and hilariously named drinks. Expect to see UFC bears in cages, slides and even a creepy clown or two.

If this doesn’t take your fancy, then why not head up to the heights of Roof East in Stratford, which is where you’ll find Birdies Crazy Golf Club. Take the Overground to Peckham Rye to enjoy this bespoke nine-hole course that will see you facing loops, half-pipes and an elevated five-foot drop that takes you to the sixth hole.

When it comes to food and drinks, you’ll find mouthwatering duck gyoza on the menu and deliciously potent hot toddys – whisky at its best.

The most hipster foods: doughnuts and cereal :-



Pop-ups are the lifeblood of hipsters who stay on trend when it comes to food but there are lots of places that manage to stick around just by being incredibly quirky. One such place is Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, which serves basically nothing but rare cereals from all over the world, including Japan and beyond.

For further entertainment, you’ll be sure to appreciate the He-Man and Thundercats videos that make for the sound backdrop to the cafe. If this sounds too hipster for you just remember, cereal is delicious and you’re going to be trying food from all over the world – it’s an adventure in a bowl.

Something happened with doughnuts a few years ago to make them an important hipster snack – perhaps it was the invention of cronuts? Whatever the reason for it, there’s not denying that doughnuts are firmly established as trendy snacking staple.

To find some of the best in London, look no further than Crosstown Doughnuts, which you’ll find in various locations around the city. The two main shops are in Soho and Shoreditch, but the company also has stalls in King’s Cross Real Food Market and Camden Market, among others.

Some of the flavours you can enjoy include Sandows cold brew martini, chai tea, chilli and chocolate, creme brulee and even a classic raspberry jam.