Top things to see at the Whitechapel Gallery


The history of London is rich with cultures from around the world and artistic treasures that have been inspired by the city. The Whitechapel Gallery is one of the many wonderful art houses that showcase these hidden treasures.

If you’re in search of boutique hotels Shoreditch, you’ll find that our luxury M By Montcalm Shoreditch Rooms are located close to the Whitechapel Gallery which means you won’t have far to travel to uncover the artistic gems within. Here is a list of the amazing things you can expect to see on your visit there.


Thomas Ruff: Photographs 1979-2017

27 Sep, 2017 – 21 Jan, 2018

This German-born photographer has brought together yet another collection of photographs that are aimed to question society and make us think about the way we interact with other people throughout the world. The exhibit will showcase a wide spectrum of Ruff’s work by highlighting everything from his earlier, passport-style portrait shots to his more recent work which revolves around the evolution of pop culture and celebrity media. For anyone staying at our boutique hotels Shoreditch that has an interest in the fast-moving world of photography and contemporary art, this is a must-see.

Leonor Antunes: the frisson of the togetherness

3 Oct, 2017 – 9 Apr, 2018

This quirky and creative installation by rising Portuguese artist, Leonor Antunes provides a unique insight into the concept of culture redefinition through the prism of modern, alternative art. The commission has become one of the most popular in the museum and has been the subject of many positive reviews.

As you walk around and in between the floor-mounted and suspended statues, you’ll find yourself amazed by the intricate detail and unusual composition of the piece. Be sure to check out this free exhibit during your time at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Introduction to Global Art: The New East

Jan, 2018

For any would-be artists or struggling creatives, this insightful workshop series hosted by the Whitechapel gallery offers a unique perspective on new areas of the art world and an opportunity to learn more about the evolution of the Eastern European art scene. The intensive course will consist of live talks, interactive debates and creative workshops designed to get you thinking and push your creativity to its limits. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the genre or looking to expand their artistic process by engaging with new subject matter and inspirational material.

Family Day

13 Jan, 2018

Bring the kids along for a day of fun and excitement as they learn about the different styles of art and photography. The guides on this wonderful artistic tour through time are renowned creatives, Melanie King and Almudena Romero. Your little ones will get to explore the pop-up exhibition and see all kinds of colourful creations while learning all about different styles of photography and printing. With pin-hole projectors set up and even a temporary darkroom, youngsters will feel like professionals in no time.